Berber Carpet: Colors & Cost


Berber Carpet

Carpets play a key role in any home or office. They’ve essentially become an integral part of our lives. You’ll hardly find a home or office without carpets. As well as beautifying your place, a well-chosen carpet protects your flooring from various elements. This is why people pay close attention when picking a carpet. If you’re out on the market to make a purchase, consider buying Berber carpets. Let’s find out more about Berber carpet, its colors, and the cost.

What is Berber carpet?

Back then, Berber was a term used for defining carpets of light colors with darker color flecks. That was actually the style of weaving carried out by the Berber tribes in North Africa. Usually, these carpets come in looped styles. The style and light color became so popular that most of the light-colored, looped carpets are now called Berber carpets. These carpets come with certain peculiar features that you won’t find in other models.

Features and benefits of Berber carpet


Most of the carpets on the market wear out quickly. As such, you’ve to make a quick replacement to cover your floor from various elements. However, replacements can affect your budget. Also, you may have to invest time and money to shop around and buy another product.

Berber carpet is made out of highly durable materials. It’s the durability that differentiates this carpet from other models. Sturdy fiber is used in weaving Berbers. Once bought, you could enjoy its companionship for a long time.

Ease of cleaning

Whether it’s liquid spills or solid waste, carpets cover your floors from all such items. However, spills and solid waste damage the carpet. Also, cleaning is a big problem. You need to shell out enough money on buying a special cleaning solution to get rid of waste.

Berber carpet is easy to clean. Also, you don’t have to disturb your budget on the cleaning tenure. A simple damp cloth is enough to wipe out stains and spills. Plus, maintaining the carpet is never an issue. A little care and attention should enhance its lifespan. 


Take a look at any Berber carpet and you’ll find that each one comes in a light color. Beige, white, fawn, cream, off white, pink, and turquoise are some popular colors that blend well with Berbers. However, you may even find Berbers in medium colors too. No matter your preferences, the options are virtually limitless.


Original Berbers from North Africa were economically priced. The tradition continues even today. Besides their looped style and light color, a low price is the prominent feature of these unique carpets. Consequently, even budget shoppers are able to bag durable models without denting their wallet.

Bottom line

The above features highlight the reasons for the growing popularity of any Berber carpet. Durability, ease of cleaning and maintenance, unique weave, pleasing light colors, and pocket-friendly cost are the premium perks that come with these lovely carpets. This is why many folks prefer Berbers over others. If you want to beautify your floor without expending too much, look no further than Berber.


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