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Benefits of Your Own Saltwater Pool

If you’re thinking of putting in a pool, or even if you have a pool you’re considering switching to a saltwater pool, you might be wondering what the real benefits are to choosing a saltwater pool over the more traditional chlorinated type of pool.

The benefits of saltwater pools are undeniable, as evidenced by the fact that almost three quarters of new pools being installed today are saltwater pools, as opposed to only 15 percent in 2000. In addition, many owners of chlorinated pools are retrofitting their equipment to turn their pools into saltwater pools.

The recent explosion in popularity of saltwater pools has left many people wondering what all the fuss is about, and exactly what are the benefits to having your own saltwater pool?

Less Expensive Over Time

Less Expensive Over Time

Saltwater pools sometimes get a bad reputation for being too expensive. The truth is, while saltwater pools do require a larger upfront investment, owners save much more money over the life of the system. Since saltwater pools don’t require owners to frequently add chemicals like chlorinated pools, saltwater pool owners begin saving money right away. In fact, saltwater pool owners can save up to 75 percent of the maintenance costs on a saltwater pool versus a chlorinated pool. Salt systems do have to be replaced every three to five years, and balancing chemicals may be required from time to time, but the overall maintenance costs are significantly reduced in the long term.

Less Exposure to Chemicals

With traditionally chlorinated pools, owners have the arduous task of constantly testing the water in the pool and adding chemicals to achieve the optimum chlorine levels to keep the pool safe for swimming. With a saltwater pool, there’s no need to store or handle potentially dangerous chemicals. You can relax and let the saltwater system do the work. The water should still be tested regularly to ensure the system is operating properly, but you won’t need to constantly be buying and adding chemicals to your pool. Your pool may require a pH balancer or other small adjustment from time to time, but the overall use of chemicals in a saltwater pool is drastically lower than in a traditional pool.

Less Maintenance

Saltwater pools require far less maintenance than a traditional pool. The salt cells in a saltwater pool system do most of the work to keep the pool chlorinated at a consistent level all the time. This means that chlorine levels are more likely to remain stable at all times, creating less opportunity for algae and other bacteria to grow in the pool. As long as the system is operating correctly, saltwater pools won’t need cleaning as often as most traditional pools.

Less Irritating to Skin and Eyes

Less Irritating to Skin and Eyes
Saltwater pools use their salt cell systems to generate their own chlorine, which keeps the pool free of bacteria and makes it safe for swimming. While chlorine is still generated from the salt cells to keep the pool safe, the chlorine levels are much lower. That means swimming in a saltwater pool doesn’t come with many of the same side effects that can occur in traditionally chlorinated pools, such as itchy skin and irritated eyes. In fact, swimming in saltwater can actually be good for your skin. Saltwater can help your skin retain moisture, instead of drying it out like chemicals in traditional pools.

Softer Water

One often-cited benefit of saltwater pools is the feel of the water. Many users say that the water in saltwater pools feels softer and silky, rather than abrasive like some traditional pools. This probably due to the levels of salt in the water. While the term “saltwater” may imply that a saltwater pool will be similar to swimming in the ocean, that’s not actually true. A saltwater pool only has about 3,000 ppm of salt, where the ocean is about 35,000 ppm. In fact, when swimming in a saltwater pool, you most likely won’t even be able to tell there’s salt in the water.

The Best for Your Own Pool

As you can see, the benefits to choosing a saltwater pool for your home are significant. With the reduced costs and maintenance, you’ll be able to spend far less time maintaining your pool and much more time enjoying it. And isn’t that the point of having a pool in the first place?
The Best for Your Own Pool
Think of all the fun times you will have when you can be the one to host the pool party at your house. It can also just be so convenient to only have to walk out to the backyard to enjoy the cool refreshment of a dip in the pool. There are plenty of reasons you may want a pool in your backyard instead of having to visit one that is shared by others. And if you’re making the decision to get your own pool, you want it to be the best. If you are going to be enjoying the advantages of having your own pool in the backyard, you might as well also enjoy the benefits of a salt water pool.

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