Benefits of smart sprinkler controller


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Smart technology is gradually becoming an essential aspect of every home. More and more homeowners have been purchasing smart devices such as smart thermostats, smart TVs and smart refrigerators. This is because smart technology helps to improve existing technology that helps to make our lives easier and more efficient. But, what very few people know is that smart technology can be implemented in the interior and exterior portions of our homes as well.

One of the outdoor based smart devices which have been trending are smart sprinkler controllers. A smart sprinkler controller can help to provide water to your landscape just like a regular sprinkler. However, it provides advanced features that enable you to adjust it based on plant type, weather and other factors. Today we’ll take a closer look at the benefits you stand to gain by using WiFi sprinkler controllers.

1) Enhances Landscape Beauty And Health

Some people are hesitant about the idea of investing in a smart controller because they believe that their plants won’t get an adequate amount of water. But, in all actually, the number 1 cause of poor landscape health is overwatering. As such, a simple adjustment in your watering habits can enhance your landscape beauty and health. In fact, smart controllers can be adjusted to provide a specific type of plant with an adequate amount of water. Some controllers can be customized according to the type of soil that you have as well. And, most smart sprinklers will auto adjust themselves when it rains to prevent overwatering your landscape.

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2) Reduce Water Expenses

Statistics indicate that 33% of households in the United States pay more for water than they do for electricity. Even worse, water rates continue to rise year-after-year. In fact, data suggests that the price of water is actually rising faster than any other utility such as gas and electricity. And, experts believe they’ll continue to rise in order to pay for future infrastructure improvements. Meaning, as the existing water infrastructure ages, the consumer will have to pay to repair it. A smart controller can help to reduce the amount of money you spend, by providing your plants with the right amount of water that they need. Nothing more, nothing less.

3) Reduces Hardscape Loss

Hardscape loss can be best described as damages to hardscape structures on your property such as your driveway, stone pathway and more. Hardscapes can also be nonliving parts of your yard such as patios and rock walls. The problem with a traditional sprinkler is that they disperse water in an imprecise manner. Meaning, it doesn’t matter if there’s a walkway or statue right next to it. Since a traditional sprinkler doesn’t think or have sensors, it disperses water on your plants, stones, sheds, walls and other hardscape sections of your property which leads to damages within them such as a cracked sidewalk or cracked pavement. Replacing hardscapes that cracked or eroded as a result of a traditional sprinkler system can prove to be expensive. Additionally, the more water a sprinkler wastes on the sidewalk or patios, the more money you’re essentially throwing away. A smart controller can help to ensure that water only gets dispersed over an area where it’s needed, not your patio or sidewalk.

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4) Avoid Fines – Water While On Vacation

Depending on the state or city that you live in, if you water your landscape too much, or on a wrong day of the month, you can get a large fine. A smart controller can be programmed to follow the regulations and guidelines of your municipality and homeowner’s association. The programmable features of smart controllers also make them ideal for maintaining the health and beauty of your lawn while you’re on vacation. With a Wi-Fi smart controller you’ll be able to program your sprinkler to operate on a specific day for a specific period of time, even when you’re on vacation.

When you look at the fact that water is becoming increasingly expensive and the fact that we inadvertently waste water by watering our hardscapes and areas that do not need water, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get this outdoor smart technology. Not only will it help to reduce your water expenses, it’ll help to improve the health and visual appeal of your lawn.

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