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Benefits of installing green roofs: Reasons why a green roof is a great choice

What do you imagine when you hear the term “green roof?”: a roof that incorporates green technologies to be more energy-efficient or ecologically friendly. On the other hand, green roofs represent these qualities, although you may not anticipate them to be green with plant growth.

If the roof is accessible, a green roof is a roof covered in grasses and other plants to improve the building’s energy efficiency, reduce the building’s environmental impact, and increase the overall enjoyment people may get from the structure.

Green roofs are an excellent choice to check whether you want to remodel your roof or if you’re searching for methods to conserve energy and lower your environmental imprint.

Below are some of the benefits of installing green roofs: gardens for city living,

  • Drainage should be improved:

To prevent floods in the case of excessive rainfall, sustainable drainage is a vital component of any structure. Water has traditionally been controlled through pipes connected to the sewage system. However, due to increased urban expansion, up to 75% of water is discharged into metropolitan areas.

Global warming isn’t helping matters, and the risk of floods has increased across the UK. Green roofs are an excellent way to combat this problem. Plants and substrates store water before it is naturally released into the environment.

  • Temperature control:

Temperature regulation is incredibly efficient. Flat roofs, on the other hand, are not. On a hot day, they absorb heat, and on a chilly day, they allow important heat to escape. Green roof modules assist in keeping a building’s temperature under control. Your house or business will be warmer in the winter, and it will be cooler in the summer. You can save your money on heating and cooling expenditures due to this.

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  • Air quality:

The absence of greenery in urban areas contributes to the accumulation of carbon dioxide and other damaging pollutants. A green roof makes the most of the area that would otherwise be wasted. Plants absorb pollutants and exhale oxygen, improving air quality and environmental benefits.

  • Buildings rating:

A green roof is a fantastic place to start if you want to develop a sustainable house or boost the building’s BREEAM rating. It’s even better if you pick plants native to your region since you’ll be sure to win over the local planning department.

  • Biodiversity:

Birds, insects, and other species find city centers and urban settings hostile. By attracting animals, a green roof helps to enhance biodiversity. Additional amenities such as birdbaths and beehives might be incorporated to increase the roof’s ecological impact.

  • Increase the roof’s longevity:

A rooftop is always exposed to the weather and faces several challenges throughout the year. A roof must withstand wind and rain and UV radiation, and temperature fluctuations. As a result, it’s usual for both homes and businesses to explore a roof replacement option.

Green roofs provide this option and have been shown to double or even treble the lifespan of your roof. The flora acts as a barrier, protecting the waterproof membrane beneath it and ensuring that your roofing lasts for decades.

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