Benefits of Having a Space Heater


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When the temperatures drop, many homeowners priority is to find ways to keep their homes warm without worrying about the heating bills.

While there are other alternatives to achieving this, space heaters have become an effective and convenient way of keeping a room warm in the winter. When an extra blanket no longer does the trick, these equipment can be a lifesaver during the cold nights.

Of course, there are still concerns about how much energy a space heater can save or if they use a lot of electricity. However, the advantages of having a space heater still outweigh the disadvantages.

Here are five benefits of having a space heater in your home.

Inexpensive to Purchase and doesn’t need to be Installed

Inexpensive to Purchase and doesn’t need to be Installed
The cost of installing a central heating system in a home with good pre-existing ductwork is approximately $6000-$8000, according to If your home doesn’t have a duct or the pre-existing ducts requires filling, then you’re likely to incur additional cost between $2,500 and $10,000 depending upon the amount of work to be done. That means, whereas central heating systems are efficient in the long run, the initial cost of installing them is way too expensive.

On the other hand, space heaters do not use complex mechanics to provide heat. This is why they are more affordable and durable. You can purchase a space heater from $30 all the way to $300 depending on the heater type, heating capacity and energy efficiency. And when it breaks down, a simple repair would bring it back to working order.

Low Electricity Consumption

Low Electricity Consumption
Space heaters come in different types, sizes, shapes and use different heating technology. The common heating technologies are radiant, convection, and fan.

Depending on the type of heater you chose, you’ll feel the warmth within a few minutes. This is because they take less time to distribute the heat and warm the room compared to central heating that takes quite some time to reach the set temperature.

Once the ideal temperature is reached, space heaters can maintain the same temperature for as long as you want. This saves you a lot of electricity, and there is no energy wasted.

Effective Heating

Effective Heating
While a central heating system is used to heat all parts of the house, space heaters are designed to provide warmth in small, enclosed spaces. It is always claimed that this type of home heating is more effective and efficient because the skin and clothes absorb the radiation. On the other hand, central heating warms up the air as opposed to skin and clothes, which explains why they take too long time to provide adequate heat for the whole house.

Keep in mind, different types of space heaters use different heating technologies. Some provide even, whole-room heating, others deliver quick, spot heating in small spaces, and others designed with an internal fan that blows air across a heating element. Therefore, for effective performance, select the right type of space heater suitable for your application.

Moreover, electric space heaters are much more efficient if your home is properly insulated. So, proof your home against the winter chill.

Great for Space-Constrained Areas

Space heaters are an excellent solution to small spaces where a large heating system cannot be installed, such as a bedroom or bathroom. They are compact and do not require flues. You can use the heater almost anywhere, as long you can find a place to plug it in.


This is probably one of the features that we love about space heater. Most of them are lightweight; you can carry them around from room to room, and heat the area. Since moving them around is not a hassle, some of them can be used outdoors.

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