Behind the Beauty – How to Plan Out a Visit to a Display Home


When you’re thinking of building a new home, visiting display homes in Sydney is a great way to get the ball rolling. It gives you the opportunity to compare different builders, floor plans, home designs and much more. The better prepared you are for your visit, the more you will get out of the process. Follow these simple tips to ensure you get the most out of your visit and ask all the right questions to land the home of your dreams.

The Research Phase

When planning out a visit to a display home it is important to do plenty of research. The more time you spend considering your specific needs and exploring relevant home designs, the less time you will waste by looking at incompatible homes.

Before you set off on your display home journey, look online at each design your choice of builders has on display. This will ensure that you are visiting only builders with designs that you think will suit your family and lifestyle.

During the initial research phase, it may be beneficial to visit four to five centers on any given day, in order to fully explore all of the options available on the market. Once you have limited your options and are proceeding further through the home buying process, it is best to limit the number to two or three a day. During the final stages of the buying process, it is important to look closely at all features, ask all questions and not be rushing through each display.

Bring your Shopping List

Bring your Shopping List
When visiting a display home it can be all too easy to become distracted by special deals or attractive upgrades. Like a shopping list for groceries, your “most wanted list” should only include the features and upgrades that are essential for you and your family. For a larger family this may include a two-car garage or solar panels for the eco-friendly purchaser.

While looking at home designs and assessing their suitability for your new home, ask yourself the following basic questions:

  • Is the floor plan functional for my needs?
  • How would my existing furniture work in each space?
  • Will this home fit on my block?
  • What customizations can I make to the floorplan?
  • Am I happy with the quality of the build?

Pack your toolkit

Pack your toolkit
A few items are essential to pack before embarking on a visit to a display home. Before you head off, make sure the following items are packed and ready to go.

  • A fully charged smartphone or camera: When visiting 4-5 display homes in a day, photos are essential to ensuring you remember the key features that inspired you.
  • A pen and paper: Bring along a pen and paper to jot down any ideas and any questions that spring to mind along the way.
  • Your shopping list for your new home: Keep your essential features in mind while shopping and cross things off your list as you go.
  • A sizeable bag: When visiting display homes, it’s important to remember to take the display brochures and floor plans from any designs that you like along the way. This way you and your family can pore over them and compare them at a later date.
  • A measuring tape: If you would like to bring in your existing furniture when moving into a new home, a measuring tape can ensure that the dimensions of any prospective home will suit your design plans.

Visiting display homes gives you an opportunity to look at your prospective home first hand. It is your chance to soak in the space and truly imagine what it would be like to live there. Following these simple tips and tricks ensures you get the most out of your experience, and take the first exciting steps towards building your dream home.

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