Bathroom Renovation Project On A Budget: The Ultimate Money Saving Guide


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Bathrooms are the places that most homeowners love to change more frequently. But bathroom renovation projects tend to be on the priciest side. However, you can come up with different cost-effective solutions and take some measures to save a lot of money. If you put yourself to work on a few various projects, it will also reduce the overall cost of your project in the long run.

This article will talk about bathroom renovations on a budget and how you can save your money.

Cost-Effective Solutions For Bathroom Renovation

Retaining The Bathroom Size And Layout

The first thing you need to do to save money on a bathroom renovation is to find out the size and layout of your bathroom. If you are thinking about rearranging a bathroom, then it means that you will have to move the plumbing Pipe, and it can be a costly thing to do in the long run. All your discharge is also very expensive if you want to move it to another location inside the bathroom. Only resize the bathroom or change the spot if it is imperative and there is no other option left for you.

Load-Bearing Walls In The Bathroom

Load-bearing walls are significant because they hold up your entire second floor and the roof if there is any in your home. If you have to move or move a load-bearing wall, then it will be a very expensive project that will require structural changes in your house as well. To save money, you should hire a contractor. But non-load-bearing walls can be moved to another location with less cost.


Saving Drywall Of The Bathroom

During a bathroom renovation, the drivers have to be completely replaced because there is a lot of moisture level in the bathrooms. If any driver in your bathroom is in good condition, then it is recommended to you to keep it. You should only replace them if they are in a very bad condition to save money.

Refinish The Things Instead Of Replacing

If you want to save a lot of money during the bathroom renovation, it is recommended to refinish the bathroom elements instead of completely replacing them. If any plumbing fixture is not working, then try to get it fixed rather than replacing it. It can also include the relation work and structural changes to your home. You can do this by asking yourself whether this replacement is necessary or not. Even a bathtub can be refinished by using a protective coating instead of replacing it, which will cost you a lot of money.

Installation Of A Prefabricated Shower

It can be very expensive to replace an old prefabricated shower with a custom tiled base. In this case, you can use a preformed one-piece shower stall which will cost you less money. Prefabricated shower stalls go up in a few hours, while the tiled ones can take many days to install. 

Standard Type Toilet

Toilets do not have to be expensive and if you want a good enough toilet with extra features, use a simple one with a good flushing performance.

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