Bathroom Renovation Ideas


Bathroom Renovation

Tired of how your bathroom looks? Is the design starting to really bore you? Then you definitely need to consider the idea of renovating your bathroom. With the number of designs and ideas out there, you begin to wonder what design you want and how do you want it. Therefore

making a choice can be such a hassle, but don’t be worried; we’ve got you covered. We have researched and put together some creative and beautiful ideas that can suit all sorts of bathrooms.

The Norris Bathroom Update

The Norris Bathroom Update
This design is an update from the combo of Shower/Tub Bath into a better modern walk-I shower. It comes with a large sleek tile, a sliding barn door shower enclosure, and a metallic pencil trim to provide an outdated bathroom with a new life. It also comes with a laminate wood wall to coordinate with the tiles. Another feature is the floating shelves that add to the texture and a nice point of focus. The vanity then floats above the floor with open shelving and a mix of drawers for storage

The Golden Aspen Bathroom

The designer Shawn Henderson and architect Scott Lindenau brought about the Golden Aspen Bathroom design. This one is such that the centerpiece of the updated master bath at an aspen Colorado home is a custom-made Japanese soaking tub with Dornbracht fittings. The Bathroom walls are made with the Yangtze River limestone.
The Golden Aspen Bathroom

Forest Wallpaper Design

This is a very creative and affordable design. It makes use of a bold white and black forest wallpaper. The wallpaper is lithographic, and the white and black art on the walls enhances the ‘etched’ quality of the room. It also comes with small touches of blue that lit up the whole bathroom.

Pebble Tiles alongside a Walk-In Shower

This design gives you a feeling of being at the beach because of the pebble floor and column of the walk-in shower. Imagine washing off salt from your body by adding the beach-inspired elements to your bathroom. This idea was designed by Josh Killingsworth. A bathroom designing tool can help you with the renovations and beautiful design.

Minute Functional Bathroom

Minute Functional Bathroom
This is a design that is great if you want to manage your space as it helps to save space with the pedestal sink and an alcove walk-in shower. It also comes with natural lighting from the window that gives room for sunshine. It’s more fun with the addition of a mosaic tile to show personality and a bit of character.

A Gray Bathroom with Classic White

This design is one that comes with a Dura Supreme double vanity painted in a bold but neutral gray. It has a central storage tower at the center that gives room for additional storage. It also prevents the cluttering of the countertops.

The Rustic Master Bathroom

This bathroom is made of wood and stone as well as clean lines of the glass shower. It features medium tone wood cabinets, soapstone countertops, a rustic master brown tile, and a stone style bathroom idea with shaker cabinets.

The Monochrome Master Bath

The Monochrome Master Bath
Master bathrooms such as the monochrome design ideas are usually beautiful and stunning. It can be in the form of beadboard walls painted in a Benjamin Moore gray. It is to have a grand chair to show class, and it was designed by Shope Reno Wharton and designer Thom Filicia.

Your renovations are incomplete without bathroom decorations, and so it is important to look out for the best that would suit your taste, meets your needs, and fits your budget. You can try narrowing your options based on the things you love to have in your bathroom. Ranging from toothbrush holders to soap dispensers to wall spaces, etc.

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