Bathroom Renovation Design



Whether you require a standard or complete renovation, there is always room for remodeling in a bathroom. Bathrooms are distinct places in the home that require attention to detail and a sense of comfort. Believe it or not, you will want to have a cozy bathroom when freshening up.

However, where do you start? Most bathrooms are basic, dull, and do not in any way inspire you towards alone time. A simple renovation design can work wonders for your ordinary-looking space, transitioning your bathroom to exquisite tastes and an inviting aura.

Why renovate your bathroom?

  • Constant fixes

If you find yourself constantly fixing something in your bathroom, you might need a bathroom renovation. Getting quick fixes from companies that promise that the shower won’t leak or that the tile lodged out next to the door won’t come off will constantly make you keep getting more and more repairs to fix the already crumbling space. Moreover, it is cheaper to get a bathroom overhaul than short term fixes. It saves you a lot of money in the long run.

  • Space

The presence of clutter and unnecessary fixtures in the bathroom may take up so much space than needed. Redesigning, the bathroom opens up room for a bigger and wider room that is more airy and comfortable.

  • Asbestos

Asbestos in bathroom ceilings, walls, or tiles can pose detrimental health effects to the human body, especially in old houses. Testing for asbestos before starting renovations to ensure due diligence is followed.

  • Value addition

Bathroom renovations seek to add value to the home. For instance, the presence of fixtures and fittings redefines the home and increase market value and pricing.

  • Waterproofing

If your shower or toilet is leaking, you might need to waterproof your bathroom to prevent further damage to the house. This needs a complete bathroom overhaul, which can be done and fast.

  • Change of scenery

Outdated bathrooms require a change of scenery; making a bathroom renovation is the right choice for you. This not only adds luxury and improves functionality; it also adds your personality and character to the house. After all, the bathroom is seemingly one of the most important rooms in the house.

How to redesign your bathroom


Now that you have established the need for renovation, how do you start? Planning the design will help you set aside a budget that will cater to the renovation expenses. Next, establishing a layout complete with color schemes to match the mood and blend of the home. Customizing your bathroom enables longevity due to the creativeness of the fixtures and design manipulation. For instance, incorporating floating shelves, distinct vanity sections, and textured flooring gives the bathroom a unique feel. Spacious shelving and wide or cylindrical sinks may also create much-needed space and flexibility. A simple, minimalistic design with a frameless mirror and bare flooring with a wooden touch creates simplicity and adds a rustic feel.

Trending designs in bathroom renovation

With the above reasons for bathroom renovations, there are several trending designs that you might want to check out for different areas in the bathroom:

  • Flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your bathroom is vital in ensuring the correct water movement and adequate moisture. For instance, vinyl or ceramic tiles will be a great choice if moisture is an issue.  Porcelain tiles achieve a rich and textured finish with a faster water absorption rate, and vinyl tiles easily replaceable. Ceramic tiles come in different shapes, including rectangular or hexagon, sizes like sheets, planks, tiles, and textures from woody notes to stone finishes. For texture and creativeness, one can use mosaic tiles installed with a plastic mesh for spectacular designs and prevent slipping.  Embracing a natural design in floorings like granite or marble is aesthetically pleasing and durable.

  • Shower design

The location of the shower plays a big role in determining the space of the bathroom. Therefore, deciding the shower space’s length may free up space for extra storage and brighten the room.

  • Vanity

The vanity section in a bathroom should be bright and spacious by incorporating accent lights and mirrors on the wall. The cabinet area can be doubled up to give room for storage and prevent toiletries from being cramped on the counter. Floating shelves and classic marble countertops give a smooth and distinct finish to the vanity section. You can also incorporate geometrical tiles on the vanity section to accentuate a modern finish.

  • Pattern and color

Patterns add personality and transform spaces into gorgeous masterpieces. The tiles can play around with subtle black or white patterns or rustic vintage patterns like cool greens, dashing blues, or calming undertones to add character to the wall tiles, making them eccentric. The use of wallpaper can also provide etching and enhance character. Brass or silver fixtures can add warmth and color to the cabinets and shelves. If the bathroom is spacious enough, adding a classic transparent chair adds detail.

  • Bathtub and shower

A simple and elegant bathtub like a freestanding bathtub can add tranquility to your bathroom and create the illusion of space and openness. A walk-in shower will bring antiqueness and style and give the room the extra sleekness required. Plants can also add color to white and gray showers transforming the space immensely.

Things to consider


It is important to consult a professional to determine the waterproofing of the bathroom before renovation. This ensures proper drainage and preventing back splashing to all areas in the bathroom.

Avoid carpeting, and solid hardwood floors in the bathroom as these do not protect against moisture and are easily damaged with the water.

Conduct online research before purchasing bathroom supplies to catch the latest trends in design and acquire discounted rates.

DIY projects can save you money and make your bathroom renovation fun and exciting. However, do not shy away from contacting professionals if need be.

You do not need to purchase every item from the start. You can reuse and recycle fixtures, which are still in good working condition.

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