Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid


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Bathroom remodeling or installing a new master bathroom is not an easy task and is definitely not inexpensive. Hence, the decisions you make should be wise, functional, and efficient to help you get your money’s worth and ensure that all your requirements and expectations are met, but remember one big mistake and everything could be ruined.  

With trends changing every now and then, bathroom remodeling should be done to impart an aesthetic value and also make it useful. Here are some mistakes you should avoid to help you create the Marich bathroom you have always envisioned.

Poor Location Is A Big No-No

When starting from scratch or even buying an apartment, be mindful of the location of the bathroom. You want it to be big and not cramped up and ensure there is enough natural light inside. A bathroom is a wet place, and not having enough sunlight penetrating in would make it look dirty and shabby. 

The bathroom location should be a place that offers privacy and should not be positioned near the kitchen or dining room. After all, nobody wants their guests to have visuals of the bathroom toilet when having dinner.

Be Careful About Fixture Placement 

Just like location, bathroom fixtures should be done the right way to avoid any mishaps. Try positioning the bathroom toilet as well as the shower in the water closet; however, keep the sink separated. This way two people can use the bathroom at the same time increasing functionality. 

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Be Careful About Bad Ventilation

When your bathroom does not get enough ventilation, it not only leads to a shabbier bathroom but also leads to moisture buildup in the cabinets and the toothbrushes, which are extremely unhealthy. Humidity at extreme levels increases mold growth on the bathroom walls and surfaces. Make sure you install an exhaust fan to remove not just the odor but for proper ventilation too during bathroom remodeling.

Improper Waterproofing 

This is another big mistake you should be careful about. Inadequate bathroom proofing could lead to growth in mold and mildew. Make sure you waterproof the shower area, the countertops as well as the grouts between floors to avoid any kind of surface damage or leak.

Wrapping up, these are some of the mistakes you should be careful of when remodeling your bathroom to avoid any kind of blunders. 

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