Bathroom Planning Guide: Design Ideas and Renovation Tips

If you are asking yourself when the right time to remodel a bathroom is, the answer is simple – anytime. If your plan is to stay in your home, you shouldn’t resort to suffering with a layout causing you an eyesore, an awkward décor or worn out fixtures. On the other hand, if you plan to put your house on sale, a bathroom renovation may play an important role in acquiring a higher listing price. It may be subconscious, but we are always drawn to bathrooms whose design has been thoughtfully planned to entirely meet our needs.

We all tend to have a bathroom that would be able to give us the comfort we need and at the same time be a reflection of our personal style. Aside from that, it’s crucial to find the right fixtures and amenities that will be functional and practical, as well as provide value. Fortunately, by tackling a few important projects before and during your bathroom remodel, you can have it all. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you turn your bathroom renovation dream into reality and avoid all the main mistakes people tend to make during the whole process.
Figure Out What You Want From Your Bathroom

Figure Out What You Want From Your Bathroom

This might sound silly, but before you continue with your remodeling project, you need to evaluate your current bathroom and think about how you want it to be. Think about how many people live in your home and how all of you use the bathroom. Write down the features you’ve always wanted and how they match your daily habits. Above anything, your bathroom has to be practical and designed according to your needs.

The easiest way to do this is by grouping certain design ideas into must-haves and features it’s nice to have. Consider the size, what would fit and what wouldn’t, and whether you prefer more space and storage. Decide if you would opt for a traditional style or a modern look. There’s plenty of inspiration online and in magazines for home décor.

Carefully Plan Your Budget

In order to avoid headaches and unpleasant surprises, you should be aware of the things that will affect the cost of a new bathroom. A lot of people are surprised when they hear that the choice of suite or furniture isn’t the main expedition during a bathroom remodel. The labor will be the same, no matter if you choose a high-end designer suite or toilet or opt for a cheaper version. However, the cost is likely to be affected if you opt for a wall-hung toilet, as it’s more difficult to install. Go for a suite that suits your needs and then consider just replacing the layout and function to save on labor if the budget is an issue.

One of the biggest factors in your remodeling budget is the layout of your bathroom. If your plan is to move items around and make a complete change to achieve better use of the space, then you should consider planning a larger budget. The thing is, once you begin changing the layout, you’ll be facing a lot of additional plumbing reworks and that can significantly change the cost. It’s often a good idea, especially if you want a complete reorganization, but the additional cost is something you should bear in mind when successfully planning your budget.
Don’t Neglect The Importance Of Good Lighting

Don’t Neglect The Importance Of Good Lighting

Many people tend to forget the importance of lighting when doing a bathroom remodel. One can immediately recognize bad lighting when you see it, and this can totally destroy the look and utility of a bathroom space. There is nothing that can make a bathroom brighter and more inviting as natural lighting can. Try to implement more windows if possible, and if not, then change the size of the existing ones. A natural lighting scheme is especially practical in giving you a true representation of your skin tone and what you would look like when you step outside, as opposed to artificial lighting.

Invest in the ideal artificial lighting, since no matter how good your natural one is, the sun sets every day. You can even think in terms of layers. For example, a soft lighting at the vanity, and adequate, stronger lighting next to the shower area. Many interior designers recommend avoiding harsh light sources and bare bulbs in bathroom décor.

Durable Bathroom Materials Are Essential

Bathrooms should be able to handle big differences in temperature and frequent humidity changes, as well as water exposure. They also need to be practical to clean, withstand harsh chemicals and at the same time look attractive. The key to a successful bathroom remodel is figuring out where to save and where to spend more on good quality materials. Sometimes we want to cut down on materials but that may turn out to cost twice as much in the long run, as they will need replacing every few years.

Make sure you go with non-porous, quality tiles in your design. Porcelain is typically a great choice for sinks and cast-iron tubs but try to avoid acrylic surfaces or cheap fiberglass. As for the plumbing fixtures, make sure they are high quality and mixed with solid brass mixing valves, as they are supposed to last for a lifetime.
The Drainage Is Something That Should Be Considered

The Drainage Is Something That Should Be Considered

If you are headed towards a big change in your bathroom design, understanding your drainage system is very important. It will give you an insight into what you can and can’t do, as you might need to work from the ground up.

You Are All Set And Ready For A Bathroom Remodel

It doesn’t matter if you are familiar with renovation projects or a complete newbie, everyone knows that the key to carrying it out successfully is a good plan. There are a few crucial elements that you need to pay attention to when getting a new bathroom. This is especially important when your aim is to completely change your bathroom’s layout. The good news is that through careful planning and choosing the right design, you can get the bathroom of your dreams without facing too much trouble. These tips will help you tackle the main issues and save you precious time and money. It’s time to get ready for your bathroom remodeling adventure.

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