Bathroom Cabinet Upgrades: 5 Things To Consider


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When you think about your daily routine, you’ll realize that you spend quite some time in your bathroom. From the moment you wake up until you prepare to end the day, the bathroom is a place in your house you’re sure to visit multiple times. This has become even truer now that people are spending more time at home than they used to.

Given such frequency of use, perhaps soon you’ll find yourself coming face-to-face with the reality that your bathroom’s in dire need of an upgrade, starting with the cabinets. But you don’t have to worry about taking on that particular endeavor. When you know what to look for in all the cabinet options available to you, you’ll be able to find one that fits your style, budget, and unique needs.

Here’s a list of six factors to consider when upgrading your bathroom cabinets:

Cabinet Material And Finish

Since bathrooms see a considerable amount of wear and tear over time, if you want your cabinets to last long, then it’s a must to choose the right material for them. There are many different types of materials that can be used to build bathroom cabinets. But no matter which one you opt for, it has to be waterproof.

Of course, the higher your budget is, the more options you’ll be able to select from. The most common ones, however, are wood and medium-density fiberboard.

Apart from choosing something that’s waterproof, it’d be advantageous for you to go for the strongest material you can afford. That way, you can have durable bathroom cabinets that’ll last for many years.

Keep in mind that it’s never worth sacrificing quality in exchange for aesthetics. Just think about how troublesome it’s going to be to need new cabinets again next year all because you didn’t invest in the best materials.


Like with any other upgrade in your home, you have to pay close attention to how much you’ll spend for your cabinets. You don’t have to go beyond your set budget just to get good furniture. The key is to choose a contractor or builder that can design excellent bathroom cabinetry for the budget you have.

It’s important to stick to your budget as bathroom cabinet upgrades can be rather pricey. To make the most of your limited funds, forget about following trends that won’t really add value to your property. Rather, you have to prioritize factors such as visual appeal, timelessness, and functionality.



Once you’ve selected waterproof and durable materials for your cabinets, now it’s time to consider your bathroom style. The cabinetry design should complement the look of the rest of the space.

A good bathroom cabinet builder should be able to fulfill your style demands and preferences. For instance, you can go modern or contemporary, classic or Scandinavian, eclectic or tropical—it’s completely up to you. If you’re unsure about what you want, you can always look for ideas online or ask for the contractor’s opinion.

Accessories And Hardware

What’s a cabinet without handles? While it’s a seemingly tiny detail of your bathroom cabinet, finishing off with the right hardware is a must. After all, outdated hardware will negatively affect the overall appeal and function of your furniture.

There are so many kinds of cabinet hardware you can choose from both in physical and online stores. Don’t get too excited, however, about the wide range of styles and designs you’ll find on the market. As much as possible, keep all the hardware in one bathroom the same; you can play around with a different style in another bathroom. That way, each bathroom in your home will have cabinetry that’s distinct from the others yet still matches the space it’s part of.

Storage Capacity

More important than style, storage capacity is another aspect you should take into account when enhancing your bathroom cabinets. The more items you’re going to store, the more space you’ll need, especially when you have a small bathroom. If your bathroom cabinets don’t meet your storage requirements, then they won’t be able to serve their main purpose.


When you’re looking into improving your bathroom, you shouldn’t overlook the fact that getting high-quality bathroom cabinets isn’t always as easy as it sounds. There are certain considerations to be made before you can acquire the most suitable ones for your property and circumstances.

Without cabinets that are as stylish as they are functional, your bathroom will look dull and become cluttered, which are characteristics no homeowner wants. Having the right cabinets can make or break your bathroom, so think about all of the factors above carefully prior to having your new furniture built.

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