Basics on Heating and Cooling System – A Buyer’s Guide


Heating and Cooling System

Every household uses a heating system during winter and a cooling system during summer. However, the system is just a machine and prone to wear and tear. Therefore it requires a professional service for its proper functioning. This can be avoided by doing some minor self-maintenance. Before that, it is essential to know about the functioning and basic technicalities of the heating and air Mooresville NC.

There are 3 technologies in a HVAC system. They are heating, cooling and ventilation. Therefore when there is a problem in the system, then the problem lies within any one of these 3 components namely the furnace, air conditioner or the air ducts. The main objective of the system is maintaining the thermal comfort of the ambience indoor.

Working Of The Heating And Air Cooling System

Heating And Air Cooling System

  • The furnace draws power from electricity or gas, absorbs heat from outside and sends in warm air inside.
  • While the cooling system absorbs heat from the indoors and sends it outside.

Tips To Hire A Technician Of Heating And Air Cooling

Technician Of Heating And Air Cooling


  • The technician or the service provider should have training experience of 2 to 5 years. The experience is compulsory as it takes time to learn about the practical working of the electrical wiring, combustion systems and air flow in the system.
  • The service provider should also be aware of the techniques to handle accidents while repairing the system. This is very important as the service would be done at domestic atmospheres.
  • Enquire about the safety precautions to be implemented while making the repair. This is critical as a furnace blast could lead to death or injury and other serious ailments like Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Questions to Ask

During a sudden malfunctioning of the cooling system on a hot day, one would jump to hire the first repairman who reaches his door steps. However, it is important to ask the following questions before hiring

  • Enquire about the license, bond and insurance. Ask if the repairman has completed any certificate course related to the field
  • By law the HVAC service provider should hold frequently renewable insurance and bonding. The professionals attempting to make repair should carry all such documents
  • Ask for the list of recent customers who bought their services recently. Enquire about the service providers to the references.
  • Check if the service provider gives a transparent cost of the repair. It is advisable to get an estimate from at least 3 different service providers.
  • When the service provider speaks of replacement, enquire about the brand of the new part. Do a small research about the brands on the internet.
  • If the system has a special feature like geothermal system or relies on old microprocessors or are steam driven, enquire if the company has relevant experience in working with such systems.

A few years ago, the job was called ductwork. However with emerging technologies, it is mandatory to make a thorough check about the services provided by the HVAC maintenance team.

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