Backyard Bar and Grill: Transforming Your Outdoor Space into a Summer Oasis


Transforming Your Outdoor Space 1

Summer is the perfect time to spend outdoors, soaking up the sun and enjoying quality time with friends and family. And what better way to do that than in your very own backyard? With a little bit of creativity and some help, you can transform your outdoor space into a summer oasis – complete with a backyard bar and grill.

Read on for some tips on how to give your backyard a total makeover.

Design and Layout

The first step in creating the ultimate backyard bar and grill is to have a well-thought-out design and layout. Consider the size of your backyard, the existing landscape, and how you want to utilize your space. You can incorporate different zones such as a dining area, lounge area, and of course, the main attraction – the bar and grill.

Additionally, ensure you have the best placement for your table, rattan sofa, and other outdoor furniture. Comfortable and weather-resistant bar stools complement the bar counter. If you plan to make your backyard bar and grill the main entertainment for guests, add more seating options like an egg chair, which is great for social media selfies.

You must also determine the best area to install your shading options, like a pergola, umbrella, or retractable awning to protect you from the sun or light rain. That way, everything will be aesthetically balanced and functional.

Backyard Garden

One great way to add some greenery and beauty to your backyard is by incorporating a backyard garden into your design. This can be a vegetable garden, herb garden, or even a flower garden. Not only will it add visual interest, but you’ll also have fresh ingredients on hand for cooking up delicious meals on the grill.

To maintain a year-round spice garden, plant a variety of herbs with specific preferences. Basil thrives in spring/summer, needing full sun and moist soil. Rosemary prefers well-draining soil, in spring/fall. Thyme grows well in spring, with well-drained soil and partial to full sun. Mint, suitable for spring, thrives in partial shade with moist soil. Oregano, parsley, and chives are spring plants with specific needs. Cilantro prefers cooler temps, in spring/fall. Sage is versatile, thriving in spring/fall with well-drained soil and full sun. Dill, fennel, and garlic each have distinct planting preferences.

Landscape Design

Incorporating proper landscape design is crucial in creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing backyard bar and grill. Work with a landscaping company to choose the right plants, trees, and shrubs for your space. They can also help with hardscaping elements such as pathways, patios, and retaining walls.

The Grill

No backyard bar and grill is complete without a proper grill. There are many options available, from gas to charcoal grills, so choose one that fits your cooking needs and budget. Consider adding a built-in grill or creating an outdoor kitchen with counters and storage for all your grilling tools.

Consider the grill’s size and cooking area to match your typical serving needs. Stainless steel or cast iron grills are known for longevity and rust resistance. Assess the British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating. But remember that a higher BTU doesn’t necessarily indicate better performance. Efficient design and heat distribution matter just as much. Ensure a sturdy lid, a dependable ignition system, and the inclusion of side burners or warming racks that suit your cooking preferences. If portability is a factor, choose models with casters for easy movement.

Transforming Your Outdoor Space 2

The Bar

A backyard bar is not only functional but also adds a fun element to any outdoor space. You can either purchase a pre-made bar or get creative and build one yourself. Don’t forget to stock it with all the essentials – a mini-fridge, ice maker, and of course, your favorite drinks.


Lighting is key in creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for your backyard bar and grill. Incorporate both ambient lighting such as string lights or lanterns, as well as task lighting for the grill and bar area. This will not only provide enough light for nighttime gatherings but also add a touch of ambiance.


Aside from delicious food and drinks, entertainment is essential in creating a fun and memorable backyard bar and grill experience. Install an outdoor sound system to play your favorite music, have lawn games available, or even set up a TV for watching sports games. The possibilities are endless.


Creating your backyard bar and grill is just the beginning. To ensure it remains a summer oasis, regular maintenance is necessary. Keep your plants trimmed, maintain your grill and bar area, and make sure to clean up after each use.

Create the Perfect Backyard Bar and Grill

With these tips in mind, you can transform your outdoor space into the perfect summer oasis – a backyard bar and grill that will be the envy of all your friends and neighbors. So start planning, grab some tools, and get ready to relax and enjoy the warm summer days in your backyard paradise.

So, go ahead, light up the grill, and raise a glass – cheers to creating wonderful memories in your very own backyard bar and grill! Happy grilling!

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