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Automatically Dispensing Away Your Bathroom Hygiene Issues the Right Way

One of the most necessary bathroom accessories and fittings that you must have is the hand sanitizer dispenser. Most of these hand sanitizer dispensers are extremely Handy Washroom equipment, even more so when they are touch-free.

The current pandemic situation has aptly highlighted the need for sanitary and proper hygiene requirements. Hand sanitary protocols are a must to keep our families safe and secure from the Coronavirus. This means that the best solution to all hygiene-related issues is a dispenser on the walls or by the handles to the exit door.

Utilizing a touch-free motion-activated sanitizer dispenser can reduce the risk of spreading germs and increase overall hand hygiene.

What Are the Challenges to Other Substitutes of Automatic Dispenser?

Installing a hand sanitizer dispenser also reduces paper towels’ usage and possible litter scope in the washroom. Most washrooms that use paper towels often face an issue related to waste disposal and litter.

This is because the paper towels are recklessly thrown on the washroom floor, especially by the exit door. This not only increases the risk of health hazards but also spoils the ambiance of the washroom.


A lot of people these days are looking at the home décor from an environmental angle. The entire conception is to reduce waste and keep things as environmentally friendly as possible. With the paper towels, the risk of ecological disbalance is far more and needs to be substituted with greener and more cost-effective alternatives.

Rather than throw away these paper towels in the garbage bin, they end up on the floor because of careless disposal. However, some might argue that it also keeps the germs inside the washrooms, but it also means an additional job for your janitorial staff.

Contrary to this, by putting up a dispenser by the exit door, you will reduce the cause of any health hazard from spreading. It also ensures that the overall image and ambiance of the washroom is without a blemish.

What are the Benefits of Automatic Dispenser?

An automatic dispenser dispenses a regulated amount of sanitizer and can keep a much more sterile and secure environment. This is because when people use the manual dispenser with a pump to dispense the liquid leave a germ trail behind.

Research indicates that touching the pump head for dispensing the liquid with unsterile hands leaves bacterial colonies behind. These bacterial colonies are the primary reason for health risks to the family members or anyone in contact. The best way to prevent this is through automatic dispensers, which in most cases, are also motion or sensor activated.

Another benefit of using automatic sanitizer dispensers is efficient dispensation and minimizing wastage. The manual pump operated dispensers distribute a relatively larger amount of liquid, which in most cases, is unnecessary and sheer wastage. Automated pumps, on the other hand, work on a preset amount of sanitizer liquid. This efficiently distributes the right quantity of liquid and minimizes the wastage or unnecessary disbursal.




Additionally, the dispenser mechanism is exceptionally versatile to support a wide range of cleaning hand sanitary liquids such as sanitizer, liquid soap, or even lotion. This makes the device extremely useful for multiple purposes, thus making it quite efficient and cost-effective for your hygienic needs.

An Automatic dispenser is also an easy and cost-effective solution that minimizes the wastage and liter caused by paper towels. Therefore, it is a much cleaner and greener alternative to some of the dispenser options.

Bottom line

Before going ahead with an automatic dispenser, it is essential to remember that the principal reason you need the dispenser is hygiene. Therefore a dispenser which is not too complicated and which automatically activates is what you need. Another worthwhile issue to consider is the place where you want to mount the dispenser. Make sure that it is at such a convenient position and hassle-free and, at the same time, is immediately within your surroundings just as soon as you wash up. Accordingly, the suitable places could be near the sink, the towel rack, or near the exit doorways.

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