Are You Dreaming of a Luxurious New Pool? Here’s What You Can Do


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Did you ever go on vacation and found yourself admiring the hotel’s exquisite pool design? You may have started to develop an interest in the idea of a pool. If you have a pool or are thinking about building one, there are many factors to take into consideration. Having a luxurious new pool can transform the entire view of your backyard, and you can also build a garden around it.

A fabulous pool will give you a whole new entertaining and fun area in your house, where you can invite people over for dinner or have pool parties whenever you want! You can upgrade your patio and match its design to complement your new pool. Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing your new deluxe pool at home.

Material Types

There are a few options to choose from when it comes to building your inground pool. Concrete is the most common material used in pool structures. It’s excellent for building deep pools, and its sturdy structure will withstand different weather conditions. Usually, your crew will first dig the appropriate-sized hole, then add a steel frame, and finally pour the concrete mixture.

The concrete and steel structure is flexible as it can be molded to any design of your choice. However, it could take a long time to finish the whole process, but if you’re not in a hurry, you can go for this material. Concrete also permits the addition of marble or granite to the outer structure. This gives you a ton of design options for an exclusive pool design. Another advantage of using concrete is that it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and increases your property’s value if you ever think about selling it. 

Flooring Materials

You need to give this a lot of thought as it will give shape to your luxurious pool. There are a variety of flooring materials to choose from. One way to go is to use moldings to shape your concrete shell on the outside; this method is called pressed concrete and as a result, you will get an outer wall that looks like carved stones that may display any design or drawing you like. This approach is very popular as it provides you with endless design choices and isn’t too expensive.

The other options are to use marble or granite for your pool finish. These materials give the luxurious look you want for your pool, and they are very durable as well. Another lovely option is natural stones. These are even more long-lasting than the others,  blend beautifully with your garden, and, like concrete, require very little maintenance.

You can also choose ceramic or porcelain tiles. This choice is a bit more expensive, but let’s be honest: that’s what you’re here for! Aim for a beautiful and unique mosaic arrangement that lines the inside of your pool. Imagine how lovely this design will reflect your hanging lights in the evening.

Waterfalls and Infinity Pools

Now let’s move on to the magical aspect. You can’t go wrong with giving the illusion of a never-ending water stream. Infinity pools are designed to make it seem that your pool goes on forever. Combine that with a waterfall design to create a unique pool structure. The experienced contractors at Neave Pools believe that you can build an outdoor oasis in your backyard by making a few adjustments to your pool. The infinity pool can be made to fall into another smaller pool beneath the original one. You can go all out by building a multilayered pool structure and even add a top deck to give it a grand entrance. This structure will balance the surrounding natural design of your upgraded outdoor living area.

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Filtration System

You need to decide what kind of water you want to add to your pool. When building a luxurious pool, you want to install the best water filtration system available. A good system will provide you with clear waters that make the underground pool design visible and reflect the outdoor lights, while you’re entertaining your guests at night.

When it comes to the type of water, you have two choices, regular water with chlorine or saltwater. You have to decide on that first before purchasing your filtration system as each kind requires a special system. Of course, you can choose to go natural by excluding chlorine from your pool, which means you need to get a more expensive filtration system.


A lighting system is one of the most creative finishing touches to your pool design. You can add LED lights to line your pool with different bright colors according to your mood. This system will change the whole atmosphere in your backyard and draw the focus to your luxurious pool. You can include a hi-tech automated smart pool system that goes beyond the regular temperature adjustments. Modern systems allow you to coordinate your sound system with your built-in lights that change with the beats and livens up your pool party.

Built-In Spa

You can go the extra mile and build an attached hot tub to your pool by having a regular circulate structure that’s popular in many pools. Another choice is to build it in a secluded area in the pool, where you can enjoy a peaceful time after a long day at work. You can also add an experience shower that gives you different pressures and streams of water mimicking the effect of rain or waterfalls. Water jets and fountains can also be installed to give a dramatic visual to your pool.

Lastly, you may need to hire a professional landscape artist to transform your garden or backyard. You have to keep in mind the safety features of your new pool as some options may not be practical if you have pets or children. You want your pool to merge with the surrounding area and create a beautiful ambiance for your outdoor space. Create a list of all the things you dream about having in your luxurious pool and talk to your architect before starting the process of building your dream pool.

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