Are Corner Toilets Beneficial?

Are you thinking of managing space in your small bathroom more efficiently? In many cases, a properly selected corner toilet can appear to be the best solution. However, experts want to share the details about such toilets. Review all the pros and cons before you order one.

Don’t Underestimate It

Corner toilets are designed to fit corners and save up space in your bathroom. Due to a triangular flush tank, you can tuck the toilet into almost any corner very close to the walls. As a result, the footprint of the toilet becomes much smaller, and your bathroom achieves a more open look. To realize how much space you can save, try to stand in the corner of your bathroom and along the middle of the wall. The benefit will become evident.

Sometimes it’s the only way to get enough space for a new bathtub, shower, or other important fixtures. You can combine a corner toilet with a corner sink to get even more space for something new.

If you have unused areas in your house or apartment, a corner toilet may become an excellent place for an extra bathroom. It can be a full-sized room or just a small one with just a toilet and a sink. Do the measurements to figure it out.

Finally, corner toilets by different brands offer the same capabilities as regular toilets. The optional features usually include dual-flush systems, water-saving flush, enhanced flushing power, built-in bidet, and more.

Corner Toilets Beneficial

Mind the Complexity

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, and corner toilets are not an exclusion. First of all, they’re significantly more difficult to install. Water supply and the main drain should be located closely, which can be a bit of a problem in some buildings. Besides, you will have to move the drain and water supply pipes to the new place, which requires additional time and money. All the plumbing works in the future will be more difficult because of restricted access to the system.

That’s what makes corner toilets not as popular as conventional designs. For the same reason, there are significantly fewer color and shape solutions. Be ready that a white corner toilet will be the only option available from the manufacturer you like. We tested many solutions, but haven’t seen any corner toilet colors except white, bone, and black. On the other hand, all the required heights, bowl types, and rough-ins are available by the majority of brands.

Space up

Using a corner toilet, you can transform your small bathroom into a logical and practical room that’s a pleasure to visit. Of course, such opportunities may cost more money than many easy-install conventional toilets, but the final result is usually worth it. We are convinced that harder installation means better user everyday experience in the future. Corner toilets usually perfectly fit any bathroom type as they look classic and can fit virtually any corner. You can find reviews of top corner toilet models and more tips on Your bath deserves to be a better place!

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