Are Cockroach Noise Clicking Sounds Real?


Cockroach Noise

The best time for pests to mind their business is at night when they have no disturbance. Clicks, whistles, and songs are some of the sounds that pests often warn the predators and alert their friends. Cockroaches are a common problem in households. Often they make sounds at night while walking, running, flying, eating, or mating. However, other than cockroaches, common roaches usually make no noise during the day or night. 

However, flying or scurrying in rare times might make sounds that will rarely reach the human ear. Wild cockroaches often make hissing sounds, or cockroach noise clicking is heard on rare occasions. The wild insects make noise to communicate with each other. Household roaches usually use pheromones as a mode of communication. However, the cockroaches making sound at night is still questionable as it might also be some other bug making the sound. 

Cockroach Noise Clicking Sounds Are Real?

Can You Hear Common House Cockroach Noise Clicking

According to experts, some cockroaches are seen to make noise, but most of them don’t. The insects that make the noise have various categories of sound. One is accidental noise that they make up while flying. The other one is the type of sounds they make to communicate or warn their mates. 

On the other hand, the wild cockroaches are seen to make noises while they vocalize with others. These insects do not sing or talk like crickets and are also not commonly found in households. Moreover, roaches are not soft singers, and the background noise will eventually make blurry noise. Unless you are familiar with what you want to hear, getting the noise of clicking is impossible. 

Can You Hear Common House Cockroach Noise Clicking?

  1. This is why most people have no idea of the cockroaches making noises. More than four thousand cockroach species are living on Earth. Along with them, only four roaches are commonly available in human houses and seen by people. This suggests that only a small portion of the roach species has lost their ability to make noise or failed to develop the skill at all. 

However, they can still communicate with each other. Household cockroaches use pheromones for communicating with their mates. These are hormones that grow in the cockroach’s body and affect the one that receives them. 

Cockroaches often secrete pheromones via feces—that way, the roaches can easily detect any pheromones’ behavior in the area. The good news is that the pheromones are too minor for humans to affect them, helping to get a peaceful sleep at night. 

Sounds Cockroaches Make At Night

Sounds Wild Cockroaches Make at Night

Some people complain of hearing clicking sounds at night from the kitchen, mostly because of cockroaches. It is important to understand that the cockroaches do not have night ballads, and they do not sing either. However, natural insects can often make noise while doing any activity. They are likely to make sounds when active or can detect predators from nearby distances. However, if someone can hear cockroaches at night, it can be concerning that they are living in a huge population in the house. 

Sounds Wild Cockroaches Make at Night

There is a list of sounds that wild roaches are seen to make at night. 

One of the most popular sounds that cockroaches make is the stridulation sounds, which are usually heard while mating. Although most humans cannot detect the sound yet, it is common that roaches invite the mates to the location and interest them. Similar traits are found in crickets as well. The noise is made through the friction of their body parts. 

On the contrary, as per research, neither the crickets nor the coaches are seen to rub their legs together. The crickets rub their wings, making a chirping sound they are famous for, while the roaches copy it only with their spiracles. Spiracles are present along with the roach’s exoskeleton. These supposedly breathe in oxygen and act as lungs. The organ is also seen to close up to avoid poisons or water and drown or die out of it. The closing and opening of the spiracles often make a soft song. 

However, the stridulation sound is not made by all the roaches. The trait is mainly found in Australian roach species. The air that is forcefully passed through the spiracles creates a soft song that helps to separate themselves from other insects. 

Final Words

Cockroach noise is a popular myth as household cockroaches can not make it. It is also impossible for wild roaches to generate such clicking sounds. If you hear a clicking sound at night, it is probably some bug making the noise. There are thousands of species of Cockroaches of which only four are known to humankind.

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