Are Chemicals Used in Pressure Cleaning?



No matter what you do, some stains won’t go away. Regardless of the amount of scrubbing or detergents you use, you might need a more effective solution. Your house deserves a deep clean once in a while, and you can have the help you need. 

Doral-based GWS Pressure Cleaning recommends the use of a professional cleaning service. Pressure cleaning is effective in commercial and residential homes, providing complete roof, gutters, patio, windows, and concrete cleaning. 

Hiring professional cleaning services might be the best solution if you want to ensure that your space is spotless. It is always good practice to learn about the process before making a big decision. You can learn more about what chemicals you can use and how to prepare for the process by reading more below.

What Is the Pressure Cleaning Process?


Pressure cleaning is the perfect service when cleaning the more difficult areas of your property. It is essential to understand what type of cleaning you need. Professional cleaners will assess the size of the building and its requirements. Depending on the maintenance levels you need, you will receive a quote containing a list of the service fees. 

The surface materials require different washing techniques to ensure a professional finish. The professionals will use some chemicals, detergents, and certain equipment to achieve that high level of cleanliness. 

What Chemicals Work Best for Cleaning?


You will encounter many products which help you properly clean. The most common are cleaners, degreasers, efflorescence removers, rust removers, and many more. One frequently used compound is Oxalic Acid. This organic compound extracted from vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds is ideal for cleaning. You can use Oxalic Acid to remove stains and rust from wood and stone. 

Another popular product is bleach. Mixing sodium hypochlorite with sodium hydroxide makes you obtain an alkaline chemical perfect for sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces. Avoid using bleach on copper, brass, stainless steel, porous woods, or delicate stones. It is always best to understand how powerful the chemicals you use are. 

Citric Acid is another organic compound commonly used for sanitation, disinfection, and in water stains and rust removal. Sodium Hydroxide is a necessary chemical for pressure washing, as it is essential in creating the compound for liquid soap. 

Hire Professional Cleaning Services


Pressure cleaning is not an easy process. You must have a comprehensive understanding of the equipment, product usage, and several cleaning techniques to ensure a certain level of safety. Pressure cleaning is a challenging process to do by yourself. Spending considerable time and effort on such activity can affect your busy schedule. 

You can achieve the clean appearance you desire by hiring a team of professional cleaners. A trained team can do wonders for your home while offering high-quality services and convenience. You can enjoy your free time while the team of professionals deep cleans your property.

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