Are CCIE Labs Open Now?


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Do you know CCIE exams? CCIE means Cisco certified networking experts, and CCIE exam or certification means a person appears and clears a series of tests at their labs. Technical certifications tests were conducted to award a certificate for senior networking professionals. 

Exam performs in CCIE labs and contains different complex areas of networking. Every year thousands of networking experts appear for that exam to get a CCIE certificate. But due to the prevailing situation of COVID, CCIE labs closed. If you are searching to know about CCIE labs reopening, then stay connected to read my content.

What includes in the CCIE exam?

It is a high-quality complex exam where you will pass different complex tests related to networking. A person would spend 8 hours in the CCIE lab and perform different networking challenges such as designing a network, maintaining, troubleshooting, implementing, and other tests for complex organizations networking infrastructure.

To appear in the CCIE Lab exam, a networking professional should pass a written exam, and then it must occur within 18 months for the CCIE exam in their labs.

Are CCIE labs open?

Like every industry in the world, CCIE exams were also affected by the current pandemic. For the safety of professionals and staff, CCIE labs were closed as CCIE labs are available in many countries. So their opening and closing are closely connected with the situation of COVID in the specific country.

In countries where the positivity rate is higher, their labs are closed, but where the situation is in control, CCIE labs have begun opening with proper SOPs.  You can find specific information related to your country from the Cisco website to know about the opening of labs. 

Cisco labs in some popular cities such as Brussels, Beijing, Dubai, Richardson, and some other areas where the situation is in control are open from 1 September 2021 but with proper SOPs. But countries like India, where Pandemic still has dangerous labs, are closed.

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But you should search specifically for your country to know about CCIE labs opening. If in your region CCIE labs are closed, then it is the best time for you to get you to prepare for the exam. You can get online help from trusted platforms that ensure you are guaranteed clearance from that complex exam.

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CCIE exams are one of the professional certifications to become senior networking professionals. Cisco has its labs in most of the countries of the world. But in recent years, due to COVID, labs were closed. Now lab reopening has begun, and in most places, labs are available for appearing in the exam. 

But still, in some areas where Pandemic cases are severe, labs are closed. We have provided you with one of the best platforms, SPOTO, perfect for that complex exam preparation.  So get register with them and get complete information and pass your CCIE exam easily.

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