Are Aluminum Doors Better Than uPVC?


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If you’ve thought about embarking on a major home renovation, one of the key considerations to have in mind is replacing the doors and the windows. There will be a ton of options to go for in terms of materials. Aluminum and uPVC are some of the most common materials. Both options have their own advantages. For a more sturdy and long-lasting option, experts usually recommend going for aluminum and we’re going to explore some of the reasons why it is a preferred option.


This is perhaps one of the main reasons why aluminum is popular for doors and windows. You don’t have to break the bank in order to change the doors in your home or even if it is a new installation. A reputable Aluminium Glazing London company can help come up with a custom dimension for your doors and windows at competitive rates. It is also to maintain which further and can last up to three decades with proper care. So make sure to check out Doorwins as they supply both aluminium and upvc windows and doors.


Aluminum is one of the lightest metals thus making it one of the best solutions for door and window frames. This will mostly be important when you’ll be curtain walling. The best commercially available option for this kind of job is aluminum. The reason being is that curtain walls aren’t structural in nature and can’t be able to provide support beyond their weight.

Resistance to Corrosion

Doors and windows get corroded over time because of being exposed to the elements. The severity of the corrosion will mostly be determined by the materials that are used for frames. With aluminum, a protective layer is formed when it comes into contact with air and water. uPVC frames are known to swell which can be a tad too challenging when it comes to maintenance. You might also be forced to replace them every so often as a result of the swelling. The protection can be taken a notch higher by panting or anodizing the surface.

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Doesn’t Break

Aluminum is one of the few materials that is both ductile and malleable. What this means is that the material can be bent in any shape or form without having to compromise on the toughness.  This is great news for those that want to have curved curtain walls on their windows. It will be impossible for uPV material to be bent as they can easily break even with little pressure exerted.


Just because aluminum is lightweight doesn’t make it a weak material. It should be noted that pure aluminum doesn’t have high tensile ratios. When it is combined with other elements such as magnesium, there is a drastic improvement in strength. One of the most fascinating facts about aluminum is that the strength increases the colder it gets.

Weather Resistance

Aluminum is a preferred material for window and door frames because of the weather-proof properties. Your frames will look new with regular cleaning and polishing. It is the best option for all weather conditions given the fact that it does not warp and will provide extra protection for the home.

Long-Lasting Color and Easy to Maintenance

Aluminum is easy to maintain for the most part and the colors that are used for the painting will remain fresh for the longest time. All you need to do is regular cleaning and dusting to maintain the doors. Experts recommend using powder coating as it is environmentally friendly.

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Ease to Make Frames

Aluminum door and window frames are made through a process known as extrusion. The pre-heated aluminum is forced through a die so as to conform to the aluminum profile. These profiles are then joined in order to create a frame. The window frames are able to have unique characteristics because of the design profile.


The finished aluminum product is easy to decorate with powder or anodized coating. What this means is that you’ll not only get aluminum frames that are highly functional but also aesthetically appealing. The frames can also be painted to match the interior décor of your home.

Energy Efficient

Aluminum frames will make your home water, air, and wind tight. There is no loss of heat which improves energy efficiency. The metal is 100% recyclable and will only require 5% of the energy to be transformed into a different product. You get to reduce the carbon footprint as a homeowner will save on electricity bills. It is clear that aluminum is a go-to option if you’d want long-lasting frames with different designs to choose from.

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