Annette Frommer’s Important Do’s And Don’t’s When Redesigning Your Home



Redesigning your home can be so exciting; through it really is a large project to undertake. Much thought and lots of planning is required of you if you are to ultimately realize your dream.  Following are a few basic dos and don’ts to ensure that the result achieved is just as you envisaged it. You want to be thrilled and in love with the result of the redesign of your home.

Let us start with the DO’s.

  • The very first thing that needs to be considered is the budget. It is very easy to be tempted along the way to go for more expensive elements than you had originally planned. Stick to your budget. It will be worthwhile and gratifying. You will enjoy and smile at the outcome so much more, and not cry when you see the balance of your bank account!
  • Take into account architectural details. In other words, respect the architecture of your space. If you are redesigning an old home you can still use modern furniture and vice versa. According to interior designer Annette  Frommer “Keep the feel of the space and adapt it to your needs and dreams by ensuring that the shapes and lines are appropriate and harmoniously complement the space”.

The historic feel of the home was kept and adapted to the family’s specific needs in keeping with the historical feel


  • Test the color of your walls on large swaths/strips of wall. Frommer advices to test the color of paint on large strips of wall in order to see the precise shade and also points out that  “ most importantly remember that the colors that you test appear differently depending on the amount of light that hits them. I therefore recommend to always test colors on both types of wall – a wall that receives direct sunlight and a wall that does not. Only then make your choice”.

The DON’T’s

  • The color white! So many people love the luxurious look of a white sofa and white furniture; the elegance, the cleanliness and the vast space it exudes. If you have children, pets, or live in a place where there is much dust, stop and really think. For white to remain white you have to hermetically seal your home forever! And that is defeating the purpose of your whole renovation!   Think functional. Not only beautiful and unpractical.
  • Don’t be afraid to splurge on a piece of furniture, painting, accessory or design element with a ‘wow’ factor. Take it into account when working on your budget.  Such pieces can often really carry a room or even a home, and most likely they will stay with you forever!

Statement headboard says it all


Powder room in concetto lit marble    Photo: Itai Sikolski


  • Don’t exaggerate. Even if you can afford whatever your heart desires and even if the space at hand is vast, Annette Frommer believes in restraint “To create comfort and beauty you have to design a space that is soothing and harmonious. Don’t clutter a space with too many colors and too many objects. That’s dizzying, chaotic and confusing. Let the space breathe!” As you have heard a million times less really is more.

A fresh and cohesive space that is free of unnecessary clutter


These are just a few tips of do’s and don’ts. Hopefully by sticking to these you will avoid some major mistakes that are difficult  and expensive to rectify, such as repainting your whole living room because the color of the wall is too dark or too light.  And remember to trust your instincts. This might seem to override all the above but no. You can still take into account the advice of experts and still be true to who you are and what you desire. After all, your home should be a reflection of who you are.

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