An Overview of Different Window Blind Styles for Your Home


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When you decorate your home, you probably have a good idea of the style of your home and its interiors. Some of us are more eclectic and tend to go for a Bohemian look, whilst some are attracted to the minimalist, Nordic style – whatever floats your boat, as they say. But even certain elements we choose – such as the blinds – can reflect our sense of style and personality. In other words, they can also showcase our individuality and fit in with the rest of our décor. But when it comes to blinds, there are different types and styles from which you can choose. So what are those? Here’s an overview of different window blind styles for your home. 

  • Vertical 

This window blind style is immensely popular, and they are characterised by slats found along the track at the blind’s topmost portion. It depends on your preferred style, but they can open sideways or in the middle. They are a common choice for floor-to-ceiling windows or patio doors, but they also go fine with small windows. Vertical blinds are also available in various materials, depending on your budget – so you can get them as wood, PVC, and even faux (fake) wood. The good aspect about vertical blinds is they are easy to maintain and clean and go well with larger windows (as opposed to horizontal blinds, which can bend or bow over time). 

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  • Venetian 

Venetian blinds are also exceedingly popular, even more so than vertical blinds. They are comprised of blinds that align horizontally, with slats attached to the blinds with cloth strips or strings. When you raise the blinds, the slats at the bottom are pressed against the slat just before it. One great thing about Venetian blinds is that you can customise them according to the shape of any window, which includes arched windows – as confirmed by experts in fitted blinds in Nottingham. So if you have a smart home, you can even motorise it! 

  • Panel 

Panel blinds are another popular option, although they are not as popular as Venetian or vertical blinds. They are well suited for patio doors or larger windows and feature different sections that move with a track as you slide them along, which enables you to open and close the blinds easily. 

  • Mini and Micro 

There are two blinds which are quite similar in operation to Venetian blinds, called mini and micro blinds. Mini blinds are named as such because they come with a smaller width (about one inch in thickness) than standard Venetian blinds. Micro blinds have even smaller widths (about half an inch). Although they look nice and elegant, the problem with them is that they are more difficult to clean because of the tinier slats, and they can look cheap. If you can get them in wood (or faux wood), they will look better but cost more. 

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  • Pleated 

Pleated blinds or shades are made from a thin material like paper or fabric, and the material is pleated in such a way that it is similar to an accordion. You can lower or raise the blinds or shades as well, and pleated blinds are similar to Venetian ones but have a ‘softer’ look. However, bear in mind that you cannot adjust them sideways, unlike typical blinds. 

Speak to a blinds expert to know which blinds go well with your aesthetic. There are many other types available, so you can be sure to find the right one to suit your requirements. 

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