Amazing Eid Decoration Ideas For Your Next Celebration

Ramadan is a holy month of celebration for Muslims from all over the world. The end of the month of prayer and fasting is capped with a festive celebration with families getting together and praising Allah. To make your home more exude a merry vibe to celebrate the season, below are some amazing decoration ideas.

Statement Lighting

One of the best decorations to celebrate the month of Ramadan, as well as to wrap up the season is to incorporate statement lighting in your home. Rest assured that you will have various EID decorations and types of light to choose from. Nevertheless, lanterns prove to be the most popular statement lighting that you can consider, introducing a calming but bright illumination to your space. In case you have limited time or budget to shop for the best lantern, you can always make one yourself using paper.

Scented Candles

Apart from lanterns, you can also decorate your home with scented candles that will not only illuminate it but exude a certain calming fragrance as well. The great thing about scented candles is that you have several options when it comes to their placement. Aside from making them a centerpiece, you can also use the candles to adorn different areas of your home. There is also the option for you to purchase Ramadan-themed candles or try to make one yourself by following online tutorials.


You can also add a wreath as part of your Ramadan decorations. In this case, you can buy one or simply make a wreath yourself using flowers or leaves that are tied up with a mesh. There is the option for you to create a circle wreath or level it up to be more aligned with the seasoned by making your wreath shaped like a crescent moon. You can hang this on your door or over your fireplace, making it a statement piece in your interior.

Moon and Star Embellishments

There is also the option for you to adorn your home with various moon and star embellishments. After all, the stars and the moon is considered very auspicious in Islam. In this case, you can choose from different varieties to try and make, or purchase. For instance, you can go for falling star garlands or strings, as well as wall hangings that will certainly look amazing on your windows or doors.


Balloons make the perfect decoration not only for birthday parties but for the Ramadan season as well. After all, your decorations would be a bit dull without elegant and festive balloons. While you may go for the plain ones, glitter balloons seem to be more popular for end-of Ramadan celebrations. Some balloons even go with Islamic inscriptions. Rest assured that there is no such thing as overdoing your decorations when it comes to the use of balloons.

Eid Decoration2

Memory Wall

A memory wall will make perfect interior decor for your home during the Ramadan season. In this case, you can use banners that greet everybody with a happy Ramadan season. There is also the option for you to hang Islamic art on your wall to make the month more meaningful while maintaining the theme of your interior decor. You can even make a collage of photos with your loved ones and display this on your wall. Otherwise, make handcrafted garlands with glitters to add a striking element to your wall.

Table Setup

Finally, you can always take the time to arrange your table set up in a manner that is fit for the Ramadan season. You can adorn your table with presents that are packed in shiny or glittery packaging. Make sure that the dishware that you use is also in tune with the season. Not only will they foster a beautiful interior but beautiful dishes will also provide you with a satisfying feeling.

You can also try and stage your treats in a decorative manner to make them more irresistible. A made-to-order Eid cake can make the perfect focal point of your table setting. Adorn your table with candles and lights, arranging the food you have prepared for the day around it accordingly. You can even bring out your embellished carpets for this day to accentuate your table setting.

Ramadan is a solemn festival that is characterized by prayer and fasting. The end of the month is usually celebrated and to make your celebration more joyous, the decorative ideas listed above are worth trying. Apart from creating a merry and fun atmosphere to celebrate the end of the season, the decorations you put up will also help make your home more homey and comfortable.

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