Affordable Ways to Bring Life Into Your Bedroom



If it’s been a long lockdown for you staring at the same four walls in your bedroom, it may be a good time to change things up.  The motivation and budget for a full makeover aren’t always on the table, so here are some cheap and easy ideas that can ignite a spark back in your bedroom.

Family printed ornaments

Color-driven character

A bedroom is a great setting for some family photos and sentimental jewelry, but we can take this a step further by bringing in some family-orientated ornaments. Giftza can be a great option for this, with many family gifts on offer; be it festive or otherwise.

For example, family porcelain ornaments are a great option to hang up in the room. They can be sentimental and personal, yet easy to get hold of and hang up. Alternatively, they offer family-orientated posters with beautiful quotes which can be a great asset to any bedroom. This is your chance to find something personal to you and let your personality shine through into your bedroom!

Self-adhesive tiles

Tiles are a slick style to opt for in any home, but there’s a few issues. They’re expensive, they’re difficult to DIY, and they’re often thought of as being used for the bathroom or kitchen only.

Self-adhesive tiles are a separate thing entirely, being closer to stickers than a real tile. However, they can be totally realistic and sometimes even textured. To be even more out there, a bedroom wall can make for a great canvas for tiles.

Having a feature wall behind the head of the bed can create a great focal point. It can help divide the space as well as letting you channel your creativity into a single wall; a pattern or style that you couldn’t get away with when wallpapering the entire room.

Color-driven character

Bring Life Into Your Bedroom

An affordable and fun way to change the design of a bedroom is to change the colors within it. It may be that since you last bought your cushions and linen, other purchases have been made. Suddenly, the new chest of drawers and paintings on the wall has caused colorful chaos.

Re-designing the color palette of the room can be relatively cheap, yet it makes the world of difference. It’s certainly a hack way to bring a spark back, and you can even choose the colors based on the upcoming Spring and Summer season.

Beyond getting new linen and cushion covers, painting the room again can be a fun weekend. Just make sure to plan the coordinated color palette beforehand, and take into account all of your decorative possessions.

New Linen

There’s not a person in this world that doesn’t enjoy high-quality linen. Freshly washed linen can easily be one of the most satisfying moments of a week, so why not take it a step further and get some new sheets? This could be your chance to bring a spark back into the aesthetics of the room, as well as getting a good night’s sleep. Just make sure to consider the color-driven character mentioned earlier when browsing new linen.

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