Affordable DIY Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That You Will Love


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Even though buying brand new cabinets is the easiest and most hassle-free way to make your kitchen look fabulous, it is also the most expensive option. What’s more, in the majority of cases, old cabinets still perfectly serve the purpose and can continue to do so for many years to come, especially if they are made of quality materials. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable DIY solutions that can not only help update your kitchen cabinets without breaking the budget but also inject new life and energy into the most beloved place of your home. 

We bet you’re gonna love these brilliant ideas, which are easy and fun to implement and truly budget-friendly. The best thing of all? You have the freedom to build and decorate your kitchen in accordance with your taste, needs, and preferences!

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Before turning directly to the ideas on how to update and upgrade your kitchen cabinets, just a couple of words about the option of painting them. Despite what many people tend to think, this process does not necessarily have to be incredibly difficult and overwhelming but, of course, a lot depends on the material. Anyway, consider this option before paying for new cabinet doors, simply because you do not like the color of the old ones anymore. The internet is full of all sorts of guides and tutorials on how to paint your kitchen cabinets yourself, so set aside a couple of hours to do a bit of research and figure out whether this method can work for you. If the answer is no, keep reading to discover some of the easiest yet viable ways for a wondrous transformation of your old cabinets.

DIY Open Shelves For Fab Storage Place

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As you have probably already noticed, the concept of open shelving is getting more and more popular, finding its place in a great many kitchens created by famous designers and big-name manufactures. Well, there is a good reason why open shelves are a huge trend – they are a great element of décor that offers endless opportunities to store your favorite pots, mugs, plates, and other fancy items intended for everyday use in the most elegant and convenient way. 

Just a heads up, make sure to measure the items you are going to keep on your future DIY shelf before making the latter. Kitchens never have too much free space and there are dozens of types of tea kettles, coffee mugs, and other kitchen utensils, that’s why it is important to build a shelf that is of just the right width and height for what is going to sit on it. Anyway, basically, there are two ways to create your shelf: you can simply remove some of the upper cabinets and replace them with shelves, or if your walls still have enough free space, you can add shelves as an eye-catching detail for a completely different look of your kitchen.

Replacement Of The Cabinet Face

Well, this is not exactly a DIY solution because face replacement means that you will have to get new cabinet doors – unless you are very good at woodworking, of course. Some manufacturers make such a replacement really easy, letting customers update their cabinets for a small amount of what they would otherwise pay for the replacement of the entire cabinet.

Changing The Hardware

Replacing old hardware is definitely one of the most brilliant DIY ideas – first off, everyone can truly do it themselves, secondly, when chosen wisely, new hardware can give your kitchen cabinets a totally different look. The impact can be awe-inspiring, so rest assured, this one is worth every effort, especially when combined with a couple of other tricks, such as throwing in an open shelf, for instance.

Switching To A Glass Front

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Glass can add that sought-after glitz and glamour to virtually every kitchen, so consider replacing some (or all) fronts of the upper cabinets, switching to glass – your favorite décor pieces and kitchen utensils will be at full display. Chances are, you will not be able to do it all by yourself, and, honestly, you are better to seek professional help because working with glass is not for amateurs. Fortunately, it is not expensive and you will be able to choose between different options, perhaps opting for milk or colored glass, or even for captivating mosaics or interesting ornaments. All in all, glass as the material offers plenty of opportunities to create your dream kitchen at minimal costs.

Getting Rid Of The Doors

Here is a great alternative for those who do not want all the hassle of pulling down their cabinets and painting the walls in order to enhance their kitchen with some open shelves. What about simply removing some of your cabinet doors? Well, certain work will be needed to mask the traits left by the old doors in the places where they were attached to the cabinet body, but these are minor corrections, which do not require any special skills or a lot of time.

Adding A Pantry Cabinet

In smaller kitchens, every tiny bit of space matters, however, due to a wide variety of reasons, some spots (especially the narrow ones) are often left empty and therefore, absolutely useless. While it is hard to find a ready-made cabinet to fit such a specific narrow space, you can design and build your own custom-made pantry cabinet. Look for options and the best and nicest way to make the most of your space, meaning your cabinet should go from the floor up to the ceiling, whenever possible. 

The DIY ideas mentioned above can easily turn your old kitchen cabinets into eye-catching contemporary masterpieces, however, do not forget that any kitchen is mainly about functionality. If you are thinking of updating your kitchen, consider options that can provide that sought-after balance between beautiful and convenient. Adding functionality to your cabinets is as important as making them look stunning, so it is a no-no to sacrifice features for purely decorative effect. Whether it is adding extra shelves or changing the hardware, remember that you will use your kitchen every single day.

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