Aesthetic Appeal with Zebra Blinds


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The aesthetic appeal of any space depends on the amount and direction of light that comes in. In fact, many home owners can attest to the fact that the most important factor they considered before buying or while building their house was the direction of light. One way to regulate the amount of light that enters your house is by using blinds. Blinds give you the capacity to adjust the amount of light that enters your house while also offering their own aesthetic appeal based on their shapes and colors. In this article, we focus on zebra shades or zebra blinds which are a modern alternative to the contemporary horizontal blind. 

What are Zebra Blinds?

Zebra blinds, also referred to as combo-blinds, offer the versatility of binds when it comes to light control as well as the aesthetic appeal of a fabric. Zebra blinds are in the form of roller shades which offer light adjustment offering insulation, light control and prevents dust. Zebra blinds therefore offer a wide range of utility by protecting your fabric and seats from direct sunlight. By adjusting the 3’ stripes, you can adjust brightness to a room. For light filtering, the zebra blinds has 7 options whereas for simple blackout options, there are currently 4 styles you can opt for your living room or bedroom.

How Zebra Blinds works

Most homes and offices use roller shades, which though practical, doesn’t allow for greater versatility in the amount of light they can allow into a room. Zebra blinds work almost the same way except, once you pull the chain and that works all the magic of allowing a little light depending on how much effort you use. There is a side chain that enables you to shift the way light streams inside the room by allowing you to view through the stripes when its least pulled. When combined with the bottom railing, the chains will match thereby allowing you to have maximum light into the room. 

Why Zebra Blinds Are the Best

The black and white zebra shades makes the zebra blind quite unique. It works for both minimalist aesthetics and earth-tones. Therefore, the zebra blinds immediately stand out irrespective of your overall room aesthetic. For most people, the choice in window blinds is sometimes difficult because unlike other things in the room such as seats, tables and even décor, blinds serve a dual purpose of first regulating the amount of light entering the room, and secondly, adding to the overall room styling theme. Therefore, the blinds have to be versatile by serving its utility, as well as adding extra aesthetic appeal. No other blind does this better than the zebra blinds. Its most iconic features are:

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Serves a Dual Purpose

Unlike most other types of shades, the zebra blinds are functional and unique in their styles. Previously, it was difficult to fully regulate the amount of light that entered a room. Blinds would simply open or close, just like doors and this left little control in the hands of the person handling them. The zebra blinds are unique in that they allow you to adjust the amount of light based on how much light you need. Therefore, instead of an on/off setting, the zebra blinds offer you a wider range based on the angle of the stripes. You can adjust this angle simply by pulling the chain and toggling with the bottom railing. The fabric also adds utility by giving the shades a bold look. There is an assumption that the colors are only black and white, and this assumption is false. You can order a variety of different colors and shades to suite your unique style and taste. 

Protection from Harmful UV Rays

Unlike other blinds, that only feature solid, wood or metal horizontal rollers, the zebra blinds have alternating sheer and solid fabric attached on the roller. This fabric is an excellent addition to the roller since they have the added benefit of preventing harmful UV rays from entering the room. Although the exposed rollers also offers some protection, the fabric goes a step further by preventing dust, and UV rays from entering the room and therefore, your furniture and other valuables will be protected from the rays, which lead to faster wear and tear. 


The combination of the roller blades and the horizontal blinds makes the zebra shades to have an added privacy feature. Unlike other window options, zebra blinds even at their maximum opening, can still offer some level of privacy since, light can still enter the room, but it will still be difficult to see through if you keep the two layers of sheer and semi opaque fabric intertwined. If you want a clear view, then you have to lift all the way and this gives you the power to decide whether someone on the outside can also view inside. To prevent full view then you do the complete opposite by lowering all the way down. This option is great for night time and if you want complete privacy. 

Easy Automation

Modern technology allows for digitized and automated home setups. With smart homes being the center of home appliances, window blinds have not been left out. There are expensive options that are in the market and these might not be affordable to many people. However, you can pair your zebra blinds with an automated setup using a motorized remote control to adjust the chains for you. The continuous cord loop is the key to making your zebra blinds smart. You simply need to add a hub and with a Wi-Fi connect, you can intelligently control your zebra blinds through a smart phone app or with the remote control. 

Overall, the Zebra blinds add versatility in your design and utility needs. You have the power to determine whether to automate using the smart remote control and automation controls or you can go old school and maintain the traditional chains. Whichever choice you go for the zebra blinds will stand the test of time and offer you time less service and great aesthetic appeal. 

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