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Once there was a time when people used to make their homes floor with cement and bricks, then time changes and they were aware of marbles and tiles and used them in flooring. But now the time has been changed and everything is getting evolved so the flooring idea is also evolved with wooden floor or wooden effect tiles.

Usage of different types of tiles is now very common, they make the floor more beautiful and make them classy. Wooden tiles are also in common use. There are different kinds of wooden tiles available in the market with different qualities.

Porcelain tiles:

Many families pick porcelain tiles for their home’s flooring and walls for different purposes or reasons. Porcelain tiles are thick and impermeable so the dust and moisture cannot penetrate through the tiles also they have great resistance against water stain. Depend on demand and needs there are two types of porcelain tiles:

  1. Glazed porcelain tiles.
  2. Through bodied porcelain tiles.

Glazed porcelain tiles, they are rigid, stain-resistant and watertight tiles. They are famous because of their glossy polish which makes their surface shiny. They are mainly made up of porcelain with a glazed coated surface. These tiles have a more beautiful and versatile variety of colours which make them look appealing and give a more decorative look to the floor and walls. They are mostly permitted for residential use only.

Through bodied porcelain tiles, they are denser and hard naturally, made up of sand and clay and other natural mineral resources which make them hard. They having the ability to resist water slippage that’s why mostly used in kitchen countertops or bathrooms flooring to make the floor non-slippery. They are mostly non-porous as water cannot penetrate easily into them. They give a distinctive decorative look to the walls and floor. They are widely used for commercial and residential purpose.

It is not easy to polish porcelain without any expertise and proper tools. These tiles can be polished with industrial-grade silicon carbide polishing machines, they are too rigid to be polished with normal diamond polishing machines. The perfect floor for those who want to make their floor more appealing with low maintenance and minimal effort.


Wooden ceramic tiles:

A few years ago, ceramic wooden tiles were of very poor quality, but now they are evolved with good quality and has many advantages which make them popular. People are using them on their home’s floor, which gives the floor a more elegant look. They are wood look tiles but not made up of natural wood. Let’s have look at their advantages:

First of all, they are waterproof so they can use anywhere which are in contact with water such as bathrooms, kitchen floor or countertop, shower area, inside the swimming pools etc. Secondly, unlike natural wood, they are resistant to wear scratches on them. Natural wood is a fragile material that can damage easily due to shifting, high footwall or by dropping heavy materials on them.

It won’t gain stained, vitrified and non-porous therefore, resistant to any chemical and it is labelled as C2 having high resistant to any type of chemical reactions. If any chemical is dropped on them there is no need to worry about that because it will not get stained or stain will only stay on the surface, it’ll easily clean once it will completely be dried off.

It is non-combustible, with no risk on surfaces to get burned when become in contact with hot things or cigarettes it will also not release any toxic gas when in touch with flame or hot object. It is also UV resistant can easily be used outside of the house but this depends on the quality of ceramic wood. No need of polishing it regularly, varnishing, oiling or wax after installation.

They give aesthetic look as compare to natural wood, natural wood cannot give the exact colour you want because every tree is different in colour and other in quality. Ceramic woods have more than sixty strips in range but they all are identical to each other always. When a person chooses wood effect ceramic floor he/she will know how their floor will look like.

Ceramic wood is a hygienic material that does not let allow bacteria and other damaging creatures in it. It is rot-free so cannot easily spoil. It can also be used in the under-floor heating system as it is heat resistant and better than other insulating materials. It is also pocket friendly because it is cheaper than wood.


Cleaning of porcelain tiles:

  1. Use broom and vacuum to clean the dirt from it.
  2. Use vinegar and water solution for 5-10 minutes to make the surface clean.
  3. Hot water mopping can make the dirt soft and wipe it easily.
  4. Mop the area with a clean towel or microfiber cloth.
  5. To avoid the heavy dirt use a soft nylon bristle, an old toothbrush will also work but with less force applied.
  6. After drying, good quality of polish can be used to make the surface shinier.

Cleaning of ceramic wooden tiles:

  1. The ceramic floor can easily clean with hot water.
  2. Sweep or vacuum can also remove the dirt and dust.
  3. Mopping in a circular motion will make the dirt loose easily.
  4. Detergents and other cleaning solution can be used to clean the ceramic floor but with care.
  5. If there is heavy dirt, the brush can be used to get rid of it.

Porcelain tiles are long-lasting floor tiles and wall covering materials. They are not only used in houses but also in the commercial building. For the usage of a long time, the person should get them. A glazed tile with PEI 4 and 5 can use for a lifetime, but it mainly depends on the quality of tiles and maintenance. With good maintenance low-quality, tiles can pass the decades and give long-lasting flooring which maybe needs to change after twenty years or a few more than this.

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