Advantages Of Using A Mirror Wardrobe


Mirror Wardrobe

A mirrored wardrobe is a stylish addition to any bedroom that blends well with several design themes. Whether you’re going for a classic, contemporary or shabby chic look, a mirrored wardrobe is the perfect design element.

Mirror wardrobes have many benefits ranging from the glamorous appeal to their functionality.

Aesthetic Appeal

There’s no question about it; mirror wardrobes look stunning. They look magnificent in combination with any style. Their modern visual allure and quality can take any room from ordinary to exceptional without changing anything else.Additionally, placing a mirror on your existing wardrobe can revolutionise the look and feel of a room in no time.

Make the Room Look Bigger

Small spaces can feel stifling and constrictive. A mirrored wardrobe can step in to make your room feel bigger than it really is.The mirror reflects the opposite side of the room, creating the illusion of a bigger space. And the way the glass bounces off the floor onto the ceiling increases the perception of a larger space.

The transparent look of the glass gives your room a feeling of openness, making it seem broader and roomier. If you choose a floor-to-wall mirror wardrobe design, it will make your room look taller as well.

Mirror Wardrobe2

Maximise Space

Apart from the feeling of spaciousness, mirror wardrobes save on real estate by eliminating the need for mirrors. Standalone, full-length mirrors take up a huge chunk of space on your wall. A mirrored wardrobe is the perfect space-saving option because it doubles up as a full-length mirror ideal for checking how you look or for a workout or dance exercise. This will save you space, especially in tight spaces.

In addition, most mirror wardrobes have a sliding door design which saves on space since there’ll be no need for hinged doors. The wardrobes are built into the wall. This means they can span from the floor right up to the ceiling, maximising the use of all available space.

Improves the Lighting

Positioned correctly, mirror wardrobes can reflect the light improving the overall lighting and ambience of the room.

Dark rooms tend to be dull and uninspiring. Depending on your bedroom positioning, you can use the mirror wardrobe to reflect natural light making the room appear more radiant and pleasant.

Easy to Maintain

Mirrored wardrobes are easy to clean and don’t require much in terms of maintenance.  With just a regular wipe down using a cleaning agent of your choice, your wardrobe will look beautiful for years to come.

You often don’t need to buy any extra accessories to clean and maintain the wardrobe. Mirror wardrobes are often more scratch-resistant than wooden wardrobes, making them more durable over the long term.

Mirror Wardrobe1

Fully Customisable

Mirrored wardrobes support many design options allowing you to explore your full creativity. You can get several layouts by matching different mirror panels to create the look you want.

You have the option to add mirrors to all the wardrobe doors or only on one section. Plus, the versatility of the mirror wardrobe lends itself to multifunctional design themes. You can change your bedroom design as much as you like without changing the wardrobe.

Mirror wardrobes can be used with any frame that suits your fancy. You can opt for a wooden frame or more contemporary steel frames to improve the artistic outlook of your bedroom.

Easy Access

Mirrored wardrobes are easy to open and access. Unlike hinged doors, they don’t need a lot of maneuvering to find the right angle for full access.

Additionally, they usually span across the wall, making it possible for one person to take the clothes they need from the bedroom while the other changes in front of the mirror.


A mirrored wardrobe provides ample storage allowing you to declutter your bedroom. You can also add plenty of shelves and functional space inside to wardrobe to store all your accessories like makeup, chargers, etc., eliminating any clutter from your room.

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