Advantages of Hiring Expert Locksmith Services

A locksmith’s primary role is to install, repair, or make any adjustments to the locks on your home, car, or business. In most instances, people consult a local locksmith when they are locked out of their home, commercial buildings, or vehicles. At some point, possibly when you move in, you will need to hire a legitimate residential locksmith for lock changing or lock rekeying to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Why do you need to hire expert locksmith services to rekey locks?

Come in handy if you have lost your keys


Being locked out of your home can be daunting, especially at weary hours of the night. If you find yourself in such a situation, you need to contact the professional locksmith services at 1-800-Unlocks. Otherwise you could risk calling a fraudulent locksmith company. The experts use modern tools to open the lock without causing physical damage to the lock or the door.

If you cannot find your keys after you’ve been let in, the experts will new keys for you. You can also opt to replace the lock system entirely, and the professionals will ensure you get the safest locks available in the market.

Install secure locks

Most locksmith companies use the latest smart locks for commercial and residential doors. These locks are typically Grade 1 which means they are built to be longer lasting and if a high-security cylinder is used, they are far less likely to be picked or bumped open by a criminal.

Repair damaged locks


Damaged locks are challenging as they make your home an easy target for thieves. Locks become damaged for numerous reasons, and an experienced locksmith company will identify the root cause of the problem and address it. Several possible examples include incorrect installation, age, material, overuse, and misuse.

Also, if a key gets stuck in the locking and unlocking process of a door, a locksmith company can carefully remove it. The expert will ensure that the key is removed without damaging the lock. Also, they will correctly remove any broken pieces of the key from the lock.

24 hours services

Most locksmith companies work around the clock to ensure you get their services day and night. If you are having trouble locking or unlocking your locks, you can contact them anytime. Also, if you are locked out of the house, feel free to call them instead of waiting until the next business day.

Insured services


Most locksmith companies carry commercial liability insurance policies which means their work and your property is covered for any damage during the lock changing process. It means that you will have peace of mind while they are performing any service in your home.

Instant results

schlage digital door lock installation

Dealing with a broken lock can consume many hours and effort, and you may lack the knowledge and parts to make the necessary repairs In most instances, a broken deadbolt lock means you cannot unlock the door. Professional home locksmith experts have the right expertise, parts, and tools on their truck to perform the task within minutes and without causing additional damage.

Bottom Line

Locksmith companies specialize in locks opening, installing, and significant repairs. The cost to rekey locks is an affordable and fast service. The pros at 1-800-Unlocks have modern technology and expertise to ensure they offer high-quality services to each and every client. Their installed locks are high quality and will ensure that the security of your building is not compromised.

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