Advanced Locking Mechanisms in Steel Door BlumSafe: A Comprehensive Review


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The Steel Door BlumSafe is a state-of-the-art wall safe designed to secure storage and display of valuable items such as watches and jewelry. One of the key factors that set the BlumSafe apart is its advanced locking mechanisms incorporated in its steel door.

In this comprehensive review, we will explore the top features of the Steel Door BlumSafe, focusing on its biometric fingerprint/keypad lock system and the enhanced security measures found in the Gen 2.0 version.

We will also delve into the customization options and U.S. manufacturing of the BlumSafe and discuss its capacity and configuration options. Let’s get started!

Overview Of Steel Door BlumSafe

The All Steel Safe Door is a high-quality wall safe that combines functionality and security for storing and displaying valuable items. It features the renowned BOXY® Brick modular winder system, jewelry drawers, and a highly secure steel door with advanced locking mechanisms.

Top Features

Here are some of the top features of BlumSafe:

Biometric Fingerprint/Keypad Lock System

The BlumSafe has a cutting-edge biometric fingerprint lock system that provides quick and convenient access to your valuables.

By scanning your fingerprint, you can easily unlock the safe. A keypad lock system is also available as an alternative for those who prefer a different authentication method.

Overview of Fingerprint System

The biometric fingerprint system incorporated in the BlumSafe offers a seamless and secure unlocking experience.

With a simple touch of your registered finger, the safe recognizes your unique fingerprint and grants access.

This advanced technology eliminates the need for traditional keys or combinations, ensuring quick and reliable access to your valuables.

Pros of Fingerprint System

  1. Enhanced Security
  2. Convenience
  3. User-Friendly

Cons of Fingerprint System

  1. Dependency on Fingerprint Quality
  2. Backup Access

Overview of Keypad Lock System

The BlumSafe also offers a keypad lock system for those who prefer an alternative authentication method. The keypad allows you to enter a unique code to unlock the safe securely.

Pros of Keypad Lock System

  1. Versatility
  2. Backup Access
  3. Multiple User Access

Cons of Keypad Lock System

  1. Risk of Code Disclosure
  2. Memorization and Input

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Enhanced Security Measures (Gen 2.0 Version)

The Gen 2.0 version of the BlumSafe introduces several enhanced security measures to provide users with an even higher level of protection for their valuables. These improvements include upgraded lighting and packaging, a battery backup box, and a single-formed body design with fewer welds.

Overview Of Gen 2.0 Version of the BlumSafe

The Gen 2.0 version of the BlumSafe retains all the features and functionality of the previous version while incorporating significant upgrades. The improved lighting ensures optimal visibility of your watches and jewelry, while the enhanced packaging ensures secure delivery.

The inclusion of a battery backup box provides additional peace of mind, ensuring that the safe remains accessible even during power outages. Furthermore, the single-formed body design reduces the number of welds, enhancing the structural integrity of the safe.

Pros of Gen 2.0 Version

  1. Enhanced Lighting
  2. Reliable Battery Backup
  3. Sturdy Construction

Cons of Gen 2.0 Version

  1. Cost Consideration

Customization Options and U.S. Manufacturing

The BlumSafe offers customization options to suit individual preferences and aesthetics. Custom colors are available for an additional fee, allowing you to personalize the safe to match your style. Additionally, the BlumSafe proudly supports U.S. manufacturing, with the Gen 2.0 version being manufactured domestically.

Custom Colors for BlumSafe

For those seeking a unique touch, BlumSafe offers the option of custom colors for an additional cost. This customization allows you to have a safe that perfectly complements your interior decor or personal preferences.

Reasons Behind U.S. Manufacturing

The decision to manufacture the Gen 2.0 version in the United States has several advantages.

Not only does it support the American economy and contribute to job creation, but it also reduces transport energy usage, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

The Gen 2.0 version maintains the same high standards and functionality while promoting local manufacturing and sustainability.

Capacity and Configuration Options

The BlumSafe offers various configurations to accommodate different storage needs. Depending on the number of winders and jewelry drawers required, users can choose between different configurations, including up to 3 winders and 6 jewelry drawers, 6 winders and 4 drawers, or 9 winders and 2 drawers.

It is important to note that a 12-winder BlumSafe does not have room for a jewelry drawer. The storage capacity of a BlumSafe with no winders is especially suitable for users with a larger jewelry collection, as it can hold up to 8 jewelry drawers.

Things To Consider Before Buying

Before purchasing a BlumSafe with advanced locking mechanisms, it is important to consider several factors to ensure that it meets your needs and requirements. Here are some key factors to consider:

Security Features

One of the most crucial factors to consider when buying a BlumSafe is its security features. Assess the effectiveness of the biometric fingerprint/keypad lock system and evaluate its reliability and accuracy.

Look for additional security measures such as tamper-proof construction, anti-pry features, and reinforced steel doors to enhance the overall security of your valuables.

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Storage Capacity

Evaluate your storage requirements and consider the capacity of the BlumSafe that best suits your needs. Determine the number of winders and jewelry drawers you require and select a configuration that can accommodate your valuable items. Take into account both the current size of your collection and any potential growth in the future.

Installation and Mounting Options

Consider the installation requirements of the BlumSafe. Determine whether your walls have sufficient depth for a flush installation or if you need to purchase the additional Frame option for mounting in a standard 2″ X 4″ wall. Assess the ease of installation and ensure that it aligns with your available space and preferences.

Customization Options

If personalization is important to you, explore the customization options offered by BlumSafe. Consider whether having custom colors is desirable and if it aligns with your aesthetic preferences and interior decor. Keep in mind that custom colors may come with an additional cost.


Establish a budget for your BlumSafe purchase. Evaluate the pricing options, taking into account the configuration, customization choices, and any additional features you desire. Consider the long-term value and durability of the safe to ensure that you are making a worthwhile investment.

Customer Reviews and Reputation

Before making a final decision, research customer reviews and testimonials about BlumSafe. Assess the company’s reputation, the quality of its products, and the level of customer satisfaction. By considering the experiences of others, you can gain insights into the reliability and performance of the BlumSafe.


Investing in a BlumSafe with advanced locking mechanisms when protecting your valuable watches and jewelry is a wise decision.

By carefully considering factors such as security features, storage capacity, installation options, customization choices, budget, and customer reviews, you can make an informed choice that meets your needs.

The BlumSafe’s advanced locking mechanisms and high-quality construction and customization options ensure that your valuables are stored securely and conveniently.

Choose a BlumSafe that aligns with your requirements and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your prized possessions are well-protected. We hope this article helps!

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