Acrylic Vs Glass | Which is Best for Picture Frames?



Read this article if you are confused about choosing between acrylic photo frame and glass picture frame. While decorating your new house, you possibly cannot miss adorning the walls. Family portraits, sceneries, or aesthetic prints are popular choices for decoration. It is in human nature to investigate the quality of the item they will be purchasing. Similarly, before investing in frames and covers, we often get detailed information on the material of the frame.

A variety of covers for the frame are available to choose from. A cover is usually used to protect the picture or artwork from being damaged after continuous use as well as provide a transparent view for the framed picture. The most commonly used covers are either made of glass or acrylic. Glass covers are widely preferred for securing a picture in a frame, however, acrylic photo frame online is also gaining popularity. 

Glass covers for frame

Glass frames are harder and denser in material as compared to acrylics. With a glossy finish, glass covers give a classy look to the framed picture. These are used in art galleries and museums as they preserve the quality of the picture for a long time. Although a cheaper alternative glass is a dangerous cover for everyday use. It cannot be used in a house with children as it is easy to break. Glass frames shatter when they fall causing damage to the picture inside. They can also injure a person who might be around when it accidentally breaks.

Glass frames are also heavier in weight which makes them difficult to transport. Using glass frames for bigger pictures can be a hassle. Typically, they are utilized for smaller portraits. As a result, while glass frames extend the life of photographs, they do not have a long life of their own.

Acrylic covers for frame

Acrylic picture frames are made of a thermoplastic material that looks exactly like glass. They are clearer than glass covers, however, they are more prone to scratches on their surface. This is why they need to be protected with a sheet on both sides to ensure no damage occurs while transporting. Acrylic is commonly used by online framers to prevent the risk of damage during shipping, and it is also less expensive to ship due to its reduced weight. Unlike glass, acrylic frames are a much safer option as they do not shatter when they break.

The only tip required for successful maintenance of acrylic frame is to clean it with a microfiber cloth. As the surface can be scratched easily any rough or sharp object can damage the cover.

Cover finishes for picture frame

Both glass and acrylic can be made into the desired finish for the picture. There are two kinds of frame cover finishes, clear and non-glare. Both have their charms and hence provide for different artworks or pictures.


Clear finish

The frames which contain art pieces with bright colors, intricate details, or need transparent views, clear finish would serve as the perfect finish. Remember that a clear finish is reflective and will cause glare if natural or artificial light falls directly on it. It is best to use a clear finish on frames that are not hanged near a window.

No glare finish

If you wish to avoid glare from light, a non-glare finish for your framed picture is the best choice. A non-glare finish does not reflect sunlight and gives a clear view, so the pictures can be kept near a window. This finish is recommended for pictures with darker colors or black and white photos.

Whichever framing cover you choose, you have the option to customize it with the finish of your choice. A suitable cover finish makes the picture look more elegant. It is important to consider while decorating.

Protecting your framed pictures

There is yet another factor to evaluate before choosing the right frame and cover for your pictures. Does the cover protect your art from outside damage? Of course, being a cover it does stand as a protective shield for your art or photograph. It ensures that the damage is first handled by the frame and the picture remains intact inside it.

But light is one of the many external forces that might harm your artwork. UV radiation, which is emitted by the sun and the normal light bulb, can cause long-term harm to your print. As any cover cannot prevent light from entering the frame, you should ask the framer if the cover has enhanced UV protection coatings or not.

Online stores like provides a huge variety of acrylic photo frames. The more protective varieties might be costlier. If you are framing a rare work of art or a huge picture, then it is better to take long-term precautions for protection.

Acrylic 2

It’s up to you to decide which material is best for your art, but here are some factors to think about:

  • Acrylic is less expensive to ship than glass since it is lighter. It’s also more robust, making it excellent for online-ordered frames.
  • Although glass is heavier and more brittle, some individuals prefer it for aesthetic reasons or because it is less scratch-resistant. However, it is still susceptible to shattering.
  • Because UV rays can destroy your frame, we strongly advise you to invest in a UV-protected cover.
  • If you don’t mind glare, plan to hang your frame somewhere where glare won’t be an issue or have strong colors in your art, a clear finish is excellent.
  • Non-Glare will soften the colors in your artwork, so if you have a black and white print that will be exposed to light, this is the ideal option.
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