Abstract Art: What Makes Abstract Wall Art So Special



Abstract art is currently the most popular style of art followed by Impressionism, Pop Art, Modern Art, and Cubism. Abstract Art is defined as “art that does not attempt to represent external reality, but seeks its full effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures”. Without the constraints of other styles of artwork, abstract art allows the artist and the viewer the freedom of interpretation. Viewers are able to create their own meaning for the artwork, or challenge themselves to find the artist’s meaning of the artwork.

Interior designers as well as homeowners use abstract art to give ordinary spaces their own unique presence. Unlike some other styles of artwork, abstract artwork is visually appealing in massive scales. The use of ambient light is maximized with the use of large abstract paintings as the surface reflects indirect sunlight from its surroundings. Impressions can also be made in a big way with small abstract art paintings that are great for balancing your home and tying spaces together.

Aside from making your home more visually appealing, abstract artwork is also good for your well-being. By shifting your cognitive state away from reality abstract art is able to change how you think. It also allows us access to new emotional responsiveness. It invites new thought processes, and encourages the viewer to use their imagination. Abstract artwork forced viewers to rely on their own feelings and perception to come to a conclusion on the meaning of the piece. Viewing art can increase blood flow to the brain, much like what happens when gazing at a loved one. Sensory, cognitive, and emotional skills may also be improved when exposed to artwork due to enhanced activation of the visual cortex in addition to increased creativity and serotonin levels.


If you’re looking for a piece of artwork that does not dominate the room’s appearance, abstract art is a great choice. Intriguing viewers with abstract art is an effortless and tasteful way to bring interest to an otherwise dull space. From a minimalist aesthetic, to a more eclectic vibe, and everything in between- the perfect abstract wall decor is waiting to be found. These works of art are also great for setting a palette, or creating a mood within your space. The popularity of abstract art is only expected to grow in time!

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