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There is a large and diverse inventory specialization in 19th-century antiques. Several of these shops stock the top quality lamp and lighting fixtures, antique mirrors, including other décor and furniture. Besides French and English 19th Century Antique Furniture | Fireside Antiques, the shops such as Fireside antiques also have hand-carved furnishings, sizeable, diverse collections of carpets, lamps, mirrors, marble, and bronze sculpture, tapestries, paintings, clocks, and porcelain.

Every item in the shops has an excellent example of period and style, and each piece has a unique story attached to it. The shops have continued to showcase their most exquisite quality of antique pieces. That has allowed customers to continually have access to all types of furniture, decorative fixtures, and furniture they need to beautify their homes.

Types Of French And English 19th Century Antique Furniture

Are you looking for a place to learn about different French and English antique furniture of the 19th century? If this is you, then you are in the right place. Here you are going to learn more about different selections available in the market. Most of these pieces are exclusive, and it may be what you need to beautify your home.

1. French 19th-century antique furniture


French 19th-century antique furniture is one of the best there is in the market. The collections range from interior designs such as homewares and artwork, all originating from France. So, whichever type of French antique furniture you are looking for, you are likely to find a piece or set that suits your needs. Each of the items you decide to purchase is unique and will add that fabulous look you so desire in your home. Some of the things include:

  • Antique mirrors: We have shops that sell antique mirrors of France origin of the 19th There are varieties of them from which to choose. They range from Louis Philippe, Neoclassical, Louis XV, Regency, Art Deco, Florentine, Louis XVI, among others.
  • Antique lighting lamps: There are also several antique lighting lamps originating from France made in the 19th Available in the market are tabletop lightings like the antique lamps, antique candelabras, vintage lamps, antique candlesticks, and antique girandoles.
  • Antique accessories: Antique accessories are also other items of French origin made in the 19th century that you can find in the market. We have shops that sell items such as antique art, antique baskets, vintage paintings, antique boxes, collectible books.
  1. b) English 19th century antique furniture


We also have English antique furniture made in the 19th century in the market. There are several shops with a variety of these items from which you can choose. Whether you are looking for antique mirrors, antique lighting lamps, or antique accessories, we have several shops that sell this kind of stuff. Let’s look at examples of this English antique furniture:

  • Antique lighting lamps: Various English antique lighting lamps in the market can be traced back to the 19th They have a unique modern touch, and most people have used them to add a valuable look in their homes. We have lamps such as the antique lamps, antique candelabras, vintage lamps, antique candlesticks, and antique girandoles.
  • Antique accessories: We also have antique fixtures of the English origin made in the 19th These accessories have an elegant touch and look just what you may need to add beauty to your home. Examples of these accessories include antique art, antique baskets, vintage paintings, antique boxes, and collectible books.
  • Antique mirrors: There are also antique mirrors of the English origin made in the 19th The mirrors are unique, with the most exquisite finish. They are available in the market in varieties. We have the following Neoclassical, Louis XV, Louis Philippe, Regency, Art Deco, Florentine, Louis XVI, among others.

Antique furniture from the 19th century of both English and French origin is some of the unique items we have in the market today. Most of them are unique, with an elegant touch and finish. So, whether you are looking for a set of furniture or just a piece, be assured that whatever to decide to purchase will be worth your money.


To ensure that you get value for your money and avoid getting your hand of fake antique furniture, you need to deal with experts. Although there are many English and French 19th-century antique shops or dealers, we have those who have been in the industry for a long time.

These are shops/dealers with experience when it comes to dealing with antique furniture of this origin. They are, therefore, the best when it comes to taste and trust. They are consistent with their prices and have been in the business for a long time, and it means that they are shops that you can trust to deliver you the right piece.

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