A Simple Guide To Sprucing Up Your Home’s Exterior


House exterior with curb appeal

Boosting the curb appeal of your residential space is vital for its aesthetic appeal. This effort is beneficial if you’re planning to sell your property in the future because it can help attract potential buyers. Even if you want to live in it for a long time, these enhancements will help you create a welcoming living atmosphere for your family and guests. 

On the other hand, neglecting to keep your home’s exterior clean will attract burglars who may breach your property. They can use untrimmed shrubs and towering trees to hide as they wait for the chance to go inside your home. Thus, resulting in the loss of possessions and dangerous exposure for your family.

That said, this article will provide five effective ways to boost the curb appeal of your home’s exterior, boost its market value, and keep your family safe. 

Repaint The Front Door 

Residential front doors must be inviting to guests and can be an excellent way to attract positive energy indoors. Also, if you repaint these entryways, you can create a favorable impression on your first-time guests. Consequently, they will associate this pleasant experience with you and your family, which can enhance your reputation. 

However, before changing the color of your front doors, you must select the right paint that complements the shade of your house. In addition to color, you have to know what type of paint is appropriate to highlight the architectural features of your outdoor space. After that, you must consider outsourcing the services of credible contractors within your location, such as Highlands Ranch Painters, to avoid subpar results and costly mistakes. 

Outsource Pressure Washing Services 

Pressure washing is a modern way to get rid of mold buildup, which is known to cause allergic reactions like runny nose and coughing. This method will help protect your family and guests from these microorganisms and possible accidents due to slippery outdoor surfaces. Additionally, this process will save you time since you won’t need to scrub old paint off the ground. 

When choosing pressure washing services, you must consider their cleaning procedures, credibility, and cost estimation process. Once you’ve found the right service provider, they’ll deep clean your parking garage, pool deck, and roof. Furthermore, most companies offer services like surface cleaning for entryways, driveways, patios, and sidewalks. 

Improve Outdoor Lighting 

As you spruce up your home’s exterior, you must illuminate the property’s prominent areas to make them visible at night. Adding outdoor lighting is also the best way to deter burglars since they won’t be able to hide in the dark. Likewise, you can keep your family and visitors safe from tripping risks, thus preventing serious injury from unexpected falls. 

When shopping for outdoor lighting fixtures, you must consider their durability, size, color, style, and brightness. Once you purchase the right ones, you must gather tools like a shovel, wire stripper, and stake installer. However, it would be advisable to outsource electrical professionals who can help you connect fixtures to your landscape to prevent electrical hazards. 

man with paintbrush painting wooden house exterior

Build An Inviting Front Porch 

A front porch is a space that acts as an additional barrier to protect your house from dangerous intruders. This covered entrance instantly discourages burglars since they have to break into two different entryways rather than one. In addition, this area is where you can enjoy nature with your family and friends, which can be considered a relaxation space. 

Before adding anything to the front porch, you should measure its dimensions and adequately clean it to create a new space. After that, you must install a well-lit fixture to deter intruders and avoid attracting mosquitos at night. Then, it would be best to place an inviting doormat to send a welcoming message and prevent dirt from entering your home. 

Install Window Boxes 

Window boxes are an excellent way to showcase your creativity in flower arrangements and outdoor decoration. In addition to their aesthetic qualities, these containers will help maintain an eco-friendly living environment. In turn, you may increase the marketability of your property, allowing you to sell it more quickly in the future. 

When shopping for window boxes, be sure the containers can support the weight of the soil and plants. Since adding water makes the soil heavier, you may rest assured that it will not fall or break easily. In addition, you must consider the size of each box, ensuring that it is approximately 25% of the window’s height.

Key Takeaway 

As a homeowner, you should constantly search for methods to improve your home’s curb appeal to make it more inviting. Therefore, when sprucing up the exterior of your home, you should think about these five strategies. Once you do so, you can create a visually attractive landscape that enhances its comfortability and increases its value.

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