A guide on different methods of printing On Glass Items like a professional


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Printing on glass enhances its value and uses. This will also expand its surface design possibilities to make glass architecture more functional and beautiful for a range of applications. Glass is a material that has become essential for decorative purposes.

However, people still wonder how to print on glass. Here you can discover different methods that glass printing machines use.

Different methods to print on glass explained:

Modern glass printing technologies not only offer enhanced design potential. These also serve to enhance durability, flexibility, and sustainability for both interior and exterior purposes. However, to make the most out of the flourishing trend, you must know different methods of glass printing here.

So, the list is given below.

Screen printing

If you take a look at historic glass architecture, you will simply find a profound use of art or stained glasses. It may be because glass is an easier material to decorate as it has a flat and smooth surface. Additionally, it will give you a breathtaking appearance especially when the light will pass through it.

What is the screen-printing method?

Screen printing is a method of glass printing to print graphics onto glass using paint or ink. In the screen-printing method, a stencil, commonly made of mesh is used to press paint into the glass. Due to the stencil’s involvement, the print on the glass is more often perfect.

Key characteristics of screen printing

  • It offers ease in achieving desired glass printing results. That is why screen printing is commonly used especially by beginners.
  • Most importantly, this printing method is suitable for both internal and external glass project surfaces.
  • In screen printing, you will always end up with durable prints, impressively that will last for longer.
  • Additionally, screen printing is not limited to certain colors anymore. Therefore, it will not even limit your creativity and flexibility to create the ultimate designs on glass.

Digital glass printing

On the other hand, digital glass printing is another amazing option that offers you the flexibility of using an endless colors’ range. There are two types of digital printing solutions available that you can use for glass.

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Ceramic digital printing

Ceramic digital printing solutions involve a certain type of ink consisting of ceramic frit. Ceramic frit is a mixture of pigmented colors and glass nano-particles with a liquid medium. This medium burns out in the firing process.

When printing on glass, these inks are going to get joined to the glass. This will cause them to become one with the object of the glass itself. All of these things combined will make your glass more permanent and durable. The only way to get off this digital printing solution is to break the glass itself into chunks.

Digital printing UV

On the other hand, this is also one of the effective digital printing solutions that use UV light for printing. It will use ultraviolet light to attach your preferred image onto the glass. In this method, you will use organic ink. However, you can easily go wild with an unlimited colors’ range available for digital UV printing.

  • Moreover, digital UV is a more efficient and cost-effective glass printing solution. Therefore, you can easily consider it a more effective method to print on glass for bulk.
  • The only limitation in digital UV printing is that the print may not be incredibly scratch-resistant and durable, comparatively.


Overall, these are some of the most effective methods of printing on glass items that you need to know. Understanding these methods will surely help you to choose the right glass printing technique easily.

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