A First-Time Parent’s Guide To Childproofing A Home


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Although being a first-time parent always brings happiness, but at the same time, it can be a bitter-sweet experience. New parents always have constant apprehension about the safety of their child. We can’t do anything at the fact that children are curious and vulnerable to injury and diseases. 

Even though parents may experience the constant fear of children being in harm’s way, they can’t control everything around them. They may prevent dangers such as replacing a faulty windscreen at windscreen replacement Perth and babyproofing the whole house. 

With the following guide, parents will be able to prevent as many accidents as they can: 

Get Gears For Child Proofing And Install Gates

You can find childproofing gears in any hardware or department store with a baby section. You can also get curtains or window blinds for your windows to keep the baby from shattering the glass with simple objects. 

If ever the child shatters the glass, you may have it repaired at glass repair Perth, but be sure that when this happens the child should be the priority because they may be harmed by the tiny glass pieces from the shattered window. You can also install a baby safety gate at the top and bottom of your stairs to provide a barrier. 

This barrier will prevent the baby from crawling and tumbling down the stairs. Baby safety gates can be installed in any parts of the house that poses danger to your child. Always remember that children are curious by nature at this young age, and they are innocent when it comes to the danger that can happen to them.

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Place Fragile Items Away

Once kids begin to crawl, they tend to be adventurous and have the desire to touch everything. That is the reason why you should keep fragile objects like frames and vases at high places and out of reach of children. 

Kids will most likely grab these items, which will cause them to fall and break. Broken pieces of glass or ceramics can cause scratches and wounds, so it’s better to clean it immediately if this happens.

Baby Proofing Furniture And The Bathroom

You can address one room at a time to avoid missing spots. For kitchen cabinets, use magnetic locks so that kids won’t be able to access them. They can be mounted on the inside of the cabinets to provide safety measures. 

As for the burners, consider getting a stove-knob with a lock, a safety feature that prevents kids from accidentally turning it on.. You can also use non-skid pads for rugs to avoid slips. Most furniture with sharp edges may be a significant risk to children, you may add some stick-on corner cards for safety purposes.

A thick piece of rubber matting or a soft carpet for the baby’s nursery’s flooring can protect the child in case of stumbling. In the bathroom, you should make sure that all medicines are tucked away in a place that they can’t reach. 

Keep Toxic Substances Laundry And Cleaning Products Out Of Reach Of Children

Everyday household products such as hand sanitizer, laundry pods, detergents and disinfecting wipes may attract young children. These products have toxic chemicals and bleach that can dangerously harm your children. Be sure to place it in a location that is locked or out of their reach.

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Use Tamper Resistant Receptacles On Unused Electrical Outlets

In the past years, most people used removable caps on unused electrical outlets to prevent children from putting objects into them. However, you can now replace removable caps with Tamper Resistant Receptacle (TRR) which is considered the safest option.

Unlike protector caps, TRR’s in-built shutter system prevents objects from being inserted. A plug that applies equal pressure opens the cover plates and accesses the contact point. They are much more efficient and provides a permanent solution without costing that much.

Keep Matches And Lighters Out Of Reach

At a young age, most children don’t understand the dangers that a fire could bring. They usually relate fire from a birthday candle, which makes them believe that it would be fun and enjoyable.

A parent should store matches and lighters in a locked cabinet and out of reach from children to prevent fires from happening. 

Get Rid Of Strangulation Hazards

Kids’ strangulation hazards include ribbons, strings attached to a toy, cords on hoodies, blinds, ropes, and hanging mobiles. You can prevent strangulation by taking off the baby’s bib or hood, avoid putting a necklace on them, check their toys regularly, and be sure to keep blind and curtain cords away from their location.

Bottom Line

With kids being naturally curious, childproofing the house is one of the ways that will prevent accidents. You can install gates on the top and bottom of the stairs, place fragile items that are easily breakable away from the kids, use magnetic locks on cabinets and place finger pinch guards for hinges. Additionally, you should keep toxic substances, matches, lighters, and strangulation hazards away from kids. As for the unused electrical outlets, you should install Tamper Resistant Receptacles. In childproofing your home, always keep in mind that ‘prevention is better than cure.’

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