A Complete Vaping Guide for Beginners


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Nowadays, it is common about vaping that it is a great way to kick your cigarette habit. Most consider it a good alternative to smoking. It may save you money as today’s high cigarette cost is not affordable for many smokers. On the other side, it is not always easy to just pick up the greatest and latest mod and e-juice, and the initial investment may cost you a little high deal of money. Also, you need to figure out your body needs in terms of nicotine. When you make the right choices from the beginning, it prevents you from going back to regular smoking or wasting money. With that in mind here, we have prepared a step-by-step vaping guide. Check the following points to choose a device to improve your experience.

1. What is Vaping?

The use of a personal electronic cigarette is known as vaping. Someone who uses an electronic cigarette is ‘vaper,’ and those who smoke a traditional cigarette is a ‘smoker.’

E-cigarette is a device that provides smokers an alternative to the traditional cigarette by vaporizing ‘e-liquid’ usually a mixture of glycerin, propylene glycol, food flavorings, vegetable, and sometimes a small amount of nicotine.


2. Structure of an E-Cigarette

With the rising demand for e-cigarette there is a large selection of vapor devices available. All vapor devices use a battery of lithium to heat a wire coil. A simple wick is used to carry liquid to the coil. When the e-liquid is heated, it can be inhaled. Below is the list of the main gears of a vapor device.

  • Vaping devices come in a great variety of shapes and colors. Some types of vapes look like regular cigarettes, and others might resemble a box, tube, pen, or any other form.
  • The battery is the most vital part of the device as it supplies power.
  • The atomizer is a heat resistant part and is used to hold e-liquid.
  • Small resistance wires known as coils.
  • E-liquid is also known as e-juice, a solution consisting of food flavoring, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and sometimes nicotine.


3. What Device is Better for Beginners?

This one is frequently asked by many people. When it comes to vaping many things like to be considered including taste, e-juice, and its use. Since a large variety of vape devices are available in the market and choosing the right one to make your experience better is confusing. If you are a beginner and need a guide before picking, then check Vapeking’s vape supplies in Melbourne to get the right fit for your needs. They keep a large variety of vape devices for both experts and beginners.

Since you are here to get help from us, we have it for you. When it comes to vaping, a beginner as a person with no or little experience vaping. Someone unfamiliar with concepts of Joules Law and Ohm’s Law. For this type of category, we suggest a device with a low output. As it is easy to use and safe. It comes with an easily replaceable coil that maximizes your safety.

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