A Complete Guide to Wallpaper Textures – a Breakdown of the Different Types and Their Properties


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Wallpaper is a common way to decorate many homes and offices. They are available in a variety of textures, colors, and patterns. Depending on the design, wallpaper textures may make a space feel more warm or cold. Wallpaper textures come in a variety of styles that serve various functions. Textured wallpaper, for example, is appropriate for rooms with high ceilings, whilst smooth wallpaper is appropriate for areas with low ceilings. To view the various wallpaper textures, check out craftaxis.com.sg

What is Exactly Wallpaper Texture?

Wallpaper is a decorative covering that is typically hung on a wall. It is usually made from paper, cloth, or sometimes metal.

Wallpaper texture refers to the tactile properties of wallpaper, including its smoothness and softness. The term also refers to the pattern of the wallpaper’s design.

Understanding Different Wallpaper Texture Types

There are different types of wallpaper textures that you can choose from. Some textures are more textured and some are smooth. Each texture has its own unique benefits and limitations that you should be aware of when you go shopping for new wallpaper. 

  • Textured: This type of wallpaper has a lot of variations in the material, such as a lot of knots, bumps, and swirls. This type is great for those who love a rough, rustic look because it gives the walls a natural appearance with lots of character. This type is also great for those who have children or pets because it is not as easy to damage this type as compared to other types. 
  •  Smooth: This type has a very uniform look with no variation in the material at all. It is typically easy to clean, especially if you have pets such as cats. It is also perfect for those who want a contemporary appearance because it gives the walls a very clean and polished look.
  • Durable: This type of wallpaper is made from high-quality materials that are built to last for many years without wear and tear. This type is great if you have a lot of children or pets because it is not as easy to damage, and you do not have to worry about your house looking outdated very soon.
  •  Easy-to-Strip: This type has a thin foil that can be easily removed from the wall without much work. This type is perfect for those who are on a tight budget and want to save money by not having to replace the wallpaper too soon.
  •  Easy-to-Stain: This type is easier to stain because the colors are vibrant and can be easily seen. This type is great for those who want a bold and colorful look but do not have much time for maintenance. 
  • Easy-to-Clean: This type is extremely easy to clean so it does not require professional help. This type is great for those who want to stay in control and have a quick and easy clean. 

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Wallpaper Texture Types that Work for Your Home

There are many different texture types that can be used for wallpaper. It is important to choose the wallpaper texture type that work best for your home.

Some of the textures that work well in homes are:

  •  Wood grain 
  •  Marble 
  •  Stone 
  •  Metal grayscale 

What is the Percentage of Texture in Wallpaper?

Texture refers to the surface quality of a material. In wallpaper, texture refers to the appearance or feel of the fabric when it is touched or felt by a person.

One way to measure texture is by using an instrument called a Texture Analyzer. This instrument measures how much texture there is on various surfaces and can be used for quantitative analysis as well as qualitative analysis.

The percentage of texture in wallpaper ranges from 0-100%.

What are the 5 Cool Wallpaper Texture Types you can try these days?

The 5 Cool Wallpaper Texture Types you can try these days are:

  • Holographic
  •  Metallic
  •  Grunge
  •  Urban
  •  Abstract

Start using a wallpaper with a specific texture today to make your space unique. The texture of a wallpaper is the first thing that catches your eye when you enter a room. It defines the mood and atmosphere of the space.

As Experts at Craft Axis, we fully understand how a wallpaper with a pattern can make your space feel more spacious, while one with a clean, minimalistic design can give it an airy feel. A wallpaper with light colors will brighten up your room. And if you want to make a statement in your living room or bedroom, choose something with bold patterns or colors.

Make sure to choose something that you like!

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