Selling A House During Divorce | The Do’s and Don’ts Guide


The process of selling a house during divorce can be daunting because of property sharing. When you’re going through a divorce, what happens to the house that both parties live in? What about furniture and other possessions? These are important considerations when deciding what to do with your home during a divorce. In this blog … Read more

Experienced and Certified Professional Galveston Divorce Attorneys


Do consultancy with professional and competent lawyers who are expert in legal cases settlements and have many years of service excellence to help the communities. After marriage, numerous problems take place, and there are lots of useful tips and tricks which can be followed¬†and which can be accessed with easy and simple approaching strategies. Make … Read more

A Good Houston Divorce Attorney Assistance and Support


Experienced lawyers will consider a wide range of factors when making these decisions on behalf of the witnesses and have great influencing feature plans for your divorce case. Search the best and genius lawyers in Houston are and share your case to get divorce to following legal parameters. A good Houston divorce lawyer can help … Read more

Things to Know About Selling the House During Divorce

Selling the House During Divorce

Whether it is an asset or a liability, you may want to get rid of the shared home that you two bought. It usually becomes the focus area when couples decide to end their marriage. Since lots of emotional aspects can be there, the process can seem only complicated with time. Due to this, it … Read more

How Are Property Improvements Handled During A Divorce?

During a divorce, property is distributed based on it being separate or shared property. The marital property is always owned by both the spouses so it is going to be split between the parties in an equal manner. The separate property, also known as non-marital, is just owned by a partner and will go to … Read more

Advance Family Law: Family Law Experts in Australia


Did you know that 67% of families in Gold Coast face legal issues requiring professional assistance? When navigating complex family law matters, having reliable guidance is crucial. Our team of experienced Gold Coast family lawyers is here to provide you with the support and expertise you need. From divorce proceedings to child custody disputes, we … Read more

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Testart Family Lawyers: Expertise in Family Law

Gavel, divorce law books and wedding rings

In the realm of legal matters, finding a trustworthy family lawyer is akin to discovering a rare gem. Testart Family Lawyers stand out as pillars of reliability and expertise in navigating the complexities of familial disputes. With a legacy steeped in years of experience and dedication to client advocacy, Testart Family Lawyers offers unparalleled support … Read more

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Family Lawyers: Understanding, Choosing & Navigating Legal Processes

Family Lawyers

In the realm of legal matters, family lawyers play a pivotal role in navigating complex familial dynamics in domestic relations and the divorce process. Dating back to ancient civilizations where disputes were resolved within families, the need for specialized family law attorneys emerged. Today, family lawyers offer expertise in areas like divorce, child custody, and … Read more

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Parenting Coordinator: Role, Pros & Cons, Costs

Divorced parents arguing about child custody on light background

Parenting coordinators: the unsung heroes of co-parenting strife. Picture this: a mediator, referee, and child advocate all rolled into one. When parents clash on custody issues or visitation schedules, these professionals step in to smooth the rocky road of co-parenting. Unlike lawyers who battle it out in courtrooms, parenting coordinators work behind the scenes to … Read more