9 Ways to Transform Your Living Room and Make It Cozier

Many homeowners create these amazing looking living rooms which are worthy of any home decor magazine covers. While a lot of these living rooms look great when photographed or when viewed from a distance, they do little to make the occupants feel comfortable and warm.

You need a living room that has comfortable seating and has decor that looks homely and gives you the fuzzy comfortable feeling. You know you got it right when the family chooses to spend time in the living room either binge watching TV shows or just enjoying the warmth of the fireplace.

Transforming a regular living room into a cozy one is all about the little touches. Often it’s as simple as adding an area rug, a few extra cushions, or decorating the wall with family pictures. Adding a few flower vases with freshly-cut flowers can fill up the empty spaces on side tables or spaces near the fireplace. These things go a long way into making your living space cozy.

To help you get started, the following are 9 ways to make your living room cozier.

Add a Corner Fireplace

Add a Corner Fireplace

A lot of times all you need is a bit of warmth to make a space comfortable. Consider adding a corner fireplace. It will not only reduce your heating bill and warm up the area, but the visual appeal of a fireplace will also invite people and encourage conversations.

Create a Snug Corner by Creating Barriers

If your living room is large and spacious, then create barriers by smartly placing the furniture. This will help you create a mini space within that larger space and make everything feel a bit cozier.

Console tables and side tables can be placed to fill up empty spaces and separate seating area from the rest of the room.

Allow Natural Light to Flow In

Allow Natural Light to Flow In
Rooms that remain dark during the daytime often feel uninviting. Allow the light to flow in by opening the curtains. The sun will also help in warming up your living room and save you on your heating bills.

Throw in a Few Extra Pillows and Blankets on the Sofa

Add some extra cushions and blankets on the sofa. This will allow people to get comfortable. The blankets should come in handy for creating that extra layer when the weather outside is chilly.

Be warned though, you need to strike the right balance. Adding too many cushions can reduce the seating space and can make your living space uncomfortable.

Use Area Rugs to Shield Guests from the Cold Floor

Area rugs and carpets do a great job in creating a barrier of insulation between your feet and the cold tiled floor. Buy plush carpeting or area rugs for that extra boost of coziness.

Create a Statement Wall

Create a Statement Wall
Blank walls often take away the cozy feeling and make the space look empty. Pick a wall and add wall hangings and pictures that match the overall decor. You can crowd the wall with family pictures as long as it’s balanced by other blank walls in the room.

You can also get a local artist or a painter to create a complex mural and balance it with solid colored walls. The blank solid colored walls are important to complement the statement wall.

Decorate the Wall Above the Fireplace

Some natural gas corner fireplaces have a special cooling system that keeps the wall above it cool. This means you are free to add decorations and paintings right above your fireplace. Adding a painting or wall hangings can really create a complex design and make space seem cozier.

Pick Thermal Lined Curtains to Trap the Heat

Curtains play a pivotal role when it comes to determining whether a living room looks cozy or not. Elegant floral patterns are a great choice as they look more homely and cozy than solids and geometric patterns.

Some curtains come with a special thermal lining. These help in trapping the heat produced by the fireplace and the home’s other heating systems.

Fuzzy Cushion Covers

Cushion covers with plain cotton covers can feel a bit cold to touch, especially during the winter. Pick fuzzy cushion covers that feels velvety and warm. By replacing all the cushion covers, you automatically create a seating space that’s significantly more comfortable. Imagine yourself being hugged by furry cushions every time you sink into your sofa.

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