9 Top Reasons to Consider Natural Stone for Paving

Are you planning to pave your garden and facing the dilemma of choosing the right paving material? From concrete, gravel, brick, slate to limestone, there are several options available.

If you’ve been eyeing natural stone for paving, it’s certainly one of the superior materials. Let’s see why natural stone should be at the top of your list-

Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetic Appeal

All natural stones boast a unique blend of colours and patterns. The aesthetic appeal of natural stone paving is unparalleled. Each piece of natural stone isn’t identically manufactured like concrete, thereby making it distinctive. They add warmth and interest to space.

Whether you choose limestone or sandstone, all natural stones exude timelessness. Unlike concrete that wears down over time, natural stone ages well. Some natural stones look even better with time.


Natural stone is much more durable than its artificial alternatives. Natural stones are formed by minerals under millions of years’ of pressure. So naturally, they’re tougher than mass-produced, brittle and low-density concrete slabs.

Natural stones like limestone and granite are resistant to moisture, heat and frost, making them a viable option for extreme weather conditions. Additionally, sandstone is a porous stone. It allows percolation of water and therefore is a perfect choice for wet weather.


Though there are numerous paving materials available, natural stone itself offers a wide range. It comes in a variety of colours, patterns, textures and tones. You can even get different designs carved on natural stones, making them stand out even more.


With the constant popularity of natural stone, suppliers and distributors maintain huge inventories to suffice the demand. You can order any natural pavers easily and instantly.

Ease of Installation

Natural stone pavers don’t require any special skills and can be easily installed, just like concrete pavers.

Being a product of nature, these stones do come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. But they go through a process of calibration, which ensures that each stone slab is of uniform depth. This means they can be simply laid on a levelled surface without the need to create individual beds for uneven slabs.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance
If you are looking for a paving option that is virtually maintenance-free, then natural stone is your best bet. Concrete has the tendency of eroding over time and exposing aggregate. On the other hand, natural stone withstands the test of time by retaining its structure and elegance.

Once sealed, you don’t have to worry about repainting natural stone. It is quite easy to clean. You can pressure wash it without risking discolouration. Usually, natural stone paving has smaller joints making it less susceptible to weed germination.


Since natural stone requires less maintenance and crack repairs than concrete, it is a cost-effective paving option. While with concrete requires regular repainting and repairs, natural stone will last for generations with one-time sealing.


Natural stone is an eco-friendly product. Being produced by nature, it is one of the most sustainable building materials. Even though natural stones don’t regenerate as fast as trees, still plenty of resources of stones are available.

Unlike concrete pavers, natural stone hasn’t been manufactured, thus making it environmentally-friendly.

Also, natural stones are recyclable. They can be crushed to form aggregates or can be used as reclaimed paving.

Better Investment

Better Investment
Natural stone paving is a much better investment. This is because it will add greater value to your property. Its timelessness will considerably enhance your property’s aesthetics.

While concrete might be a cheaper material, the combined cost of installation and maintenance makes it almost equivalent to nature stone. Hence, natural stone is a superior paving material.

Natural stone might seem like an expensive option, but it has the characteristics to justify it. Hopefully, these features swayed you towards choosing natural stone paving.

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