9 Tips on How to Keep Common Home Insects at Bay

Best way to get rid of common home insects

No matter how carefully you decorate your home, you can still be targeted by opportunistic bugs. Here’s how to put common home insects in their place.

It’s impossible to keep every bug out of your home but that doesn’t mean you have to invite them in. Common home insects are around all year. You may find ants in your home during the summer or spiders during the autumn.

When you notice one or two, it’s likely you’ll get more. However, that doesn’t have to be the case if you know how to bug-proof your home. Here are some tips on the best ways to get rid of bugs.

1. Install Screens on Your Windows and Doors

Install Screens on Your Windows and Doors

Installing screens on your windows and doors will help prevent the smallest insects from getting into your house. This especially true during the spring and summer months when flies, fleas and other small insects are in great number because they tend to breed regularly.

It’s important to maintain your screens for as long as you have them. Although they keep out small insects exceptionally well, they are prone to small holes and rips. If your door screen gets moved often for you and other house members to get in and out, it’s likely to cause some damage eventually.

2. Seal Your Doors

Just because bugs manage to enter into one room, it shouldn’t mean they’ll be able to get into the other rooms. When you seal your doors, the rubber seal will work to stop bugs from spreading to other areas of the home.

You can easily seal doors yourself and attach door sweeps to ensure bugs don’t get in. The plus side to these seals is that you’re also likely to save on your heating bills. They’re great at keeping hot air in rooms.

3. Check for Cracks

Bugs tend to seek out cracks in walls and foundations, whether they’re inside or outside your home. For example, wasps tend to nest in large outdoor cracks which may mean you need an exterminator. You learn more about it here.

Get yourself a good sealant and regularly check your home for any cracks. Seal them quickly when you find them to avoid bugs getting into your home without your knowledge.

4. Keep Garbage Clean

Keep Garbage Clean
It may sound odd, but keeping your garbage as clean as possible will ensure you don’t unknowingly attract bugs. It’s important to rinse out your bins often so the smell doesn’t bring bugs of all kinds charging into your back yard.

You should also rinse out the containers, cardboard or glass you recycle. Otherwise, it’s like putting food out for cats. Soon enough, your recycling bins will be crawling with bugs that enjoy multiplying.

5. Bug-Proof Your Vents

Your air vents or crawl spaces are like a beacon for bugs who want to make a home for themselves. For instance, many people find birds or mice in their attics when they take an overdue trip upstairs to find something.

You can keep these creatures out of your home by creating mesh barriers. Mesh still allows the air to flow through your home properly but stops bugs and bigger unwelcome animals from coming in.

6. Fix Leaks Quickly

You might assume that many insects don’t like being near water but they actually thrive in damp environments. Most insects need a certain degree of humidity to survive well and for many, humidity offers the best breeding conditions.

There could be small leaks in your home that you’re unaware of. For instance, most houses have small leaks in their basements, especially if that’s where laundry machines are kept. Investigate your home and fix any leaks as quickly as possible.

7. Keep Things Clean

It doesn’t just apply to the garbage; your whole home should get kept as clean as possible. Bugs are attracted to smells (even the ones you can’t smell yourself). So, the cleaner your home is, the less likely bugs are to target you.

The kitchen is especially important when it comes to cleaning. Vacuum any crumbs left on the floor and wipe up any spillages. If you have children or pets. it can be difficult to keep on top of things but the sooner the mess gets cleaned up, the sooner the temptation is taken away from bugs.
Keep Things Clean

8. Pet Maintenance

Your pets may as well hang a ‘welcome’ sign around their necks for bugs. Bugs are attracted to the smell of pets, their food, and their waste. You can deter bugs by keeping your pets and their bedding clean and regularly cleaning the food bowls and waste trays.

It’s vital that cats and dogs are regularly treated for fleas so you don’t come across any nasty surprises. Keeping a dog’s fur trimmed will also ensure bugs don’t have much to latch onto.

9. Tidy the Yard

Keeping the yard tidy can be a mammoth job. It may be the last thing on your to-do list when you get a spare five minutes but it will help to keep the bugs at bay. Insects hide out in leaves, debris, and mulch.

Clean up any mulch and remove leaves from near your house. Try not to plant near your back or front doors. Annual plants or perennials often carry bugs that can easily get into the house if they’re planted close enough. The same goes for trees or branches.

Don’t Put Up With Common Home Insects

The best ways to get rid of common home insects are to maintain the cleanliness and sufficiency of your home. Bugs won’t be tempted by nice smells and cleaning products. Take a look at some more amazing tips for the home that make everyday life easier.

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