9 Tips for Decorating with Mirrors That Will Change Any Room

Decorating with mirrors isn’t a lost art. Keep reading to learn how to stylishly add mirrors to your home decor.

Want to brighten up a room? Give it style and pizzazz? Why not buy some decorative mirrors online?
Decorating with mirrors has many benefits that go beyond their style and appearance. A mirror is a fantastic way to brighten a room by reflecting light throughout and they tend to help make a smaller space look bigger.

There are some techniques to hanging mirror decor so that it looks great in your home. Use these tips to get the most out of your mirrors.

1. Think About the Reflection When Decorating with Mirrors

It’s important to remember that when you decorate with mirrors, you’re going to get a reflection.
Think About the Reflection When Decorating with Mirrors

Before you hang it, consider what it will be reflecting. You don’t want to look in your mirror and see your closet full of dirty laundry. Instead, hang it so it reflects a window or a large piece of artwork.

This is an especially lovely idea in small rooms that are closed in and feel dark and dreary. The mirror can reflect natural light from outside and can make a space feel instantly bigger, provided you ensure it’s reflecting the ideal focal point of the room.

2. Try Hanging Two Mirrors Side by Side

Walls decorated with mirrors look sophisticated and modern so consider hanging two large mirrors right next to each other. This is a great way to reflect light in a living room or bedroom and makes decor totally seamless.

Large mirrors that look like windows are ideal for opening up a space and balancing a neutral design.
You can flip mirrors the long way so that they fit more easily and for really large walls, try hanging three mirrors side by side to achieve the same effect.

3. Bring Mirrors into the Kitchen to Make it Feel Bigger

Many people complain that their kitchen feels small and closed in. Using mirrors in the kitchen can make a big difference.

By swapping out plain front cabinet doors for mirrors, you can reflect a lot of natural light throughout the space as well as make it feel larger and more airy.

Combined with white countertops and walls, cabinet front mirrors can easily transform a small, dark kitchen without a lot of work.

You might also simply hang a couple of mirrors over the table or above the sink to bring in light and the illusion of more space.

4. Make Sure it’s Hung at the Right Height

Much like artwork, most of the time you want to hang a mirror at eye level. However, depending on what you want to be reflected in the mirror, you may consider hanging it higher or lower, depending on the space you’re working with.
Make Sure it’s Hung at the Right Height
Start with eye level, then assess the reflection and how the size of the mirror correlates to the size of the wall and make adjustments as necessary. Just don’t go too high or too low because that won’t look stylish – it will just look strange.

5. Your Mirror Should be a Focal Point

When using mirror wall decor throughout your home, it’s nice to make it a focal point in your room, especially if it’s a large mirror.

You can cover the wall in a small room with a large mirror or you can hang sconces or other small pieces of artwork on either side of the mirror to draw the eye toward it anytime you walk into the room.

This works really well in your entryway or your dining room.

6. Lean the Mirror Against the Wall Instead of Hanging it Up

You don’t have to feel restricted to hanging a mirror to make it work in your space. A large framed mirror looks modern and fresh and opens up a small bedroom or bathroom. However, this works best in a place with a bit of room to move so that you don’t have to worry about knocking the mirror over.

Place a mirror against the wall behind a fainting couch or low chair in the living room or sitting room to create a dramatic effect and again, to reflect light and space.

7. Incorporate a Mirror into a Gallery Wall

Incorporate a Mirror into a Gallery Wall
A mirror is a perfect addition to a gallery wall. Start by hanging the mirror in roughly the center of the wall you’re using. Then, working your way outward, surround the mirror with various sizes of artwork.

Try to keep the frames similar – all white, but in different widths, perhaps. Or maybe choose all black frames with black and white artwork. That way the gallery wall is cohesive and everything you hang with the mirror ties in together and looks symmetrical and appealing.

Try this look in your living room or master bedroom.

8. Go Big and Bold with a Huge Gold Mirror

When it comes to living room mirror ideas, this one is a knockout. Gold can be treated as a kind of neutral color, which means you can easily pair it with blues, greens, yellows, reds, and pinks in your main living space.

Try hanging your gold mirror above a buffet decorated with vintage dishes or place it over the couch to capture the view out the window.

A large gold mirror also works in large bedrooms or dining rooms so feel free to experiment a little to find the best spot for it.

9. Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Living Spaces
If you have a semi-enclosed patio or outdoor living room, you can certainly bring mirrors into that space too. They provide similar benefits in that they reflect the natural light and make the space feel bigger and more open.

You’ll want to follow the same rules you used to hang your mirrors inside but decorating with mirrors is a fun way to add life and personality to your outdoor rooms while opening them up and making them bright and sunny.

Reflecting on it All

Decorating with mirrors is fun and used effectively, they can totally transform a space. There are no real rules – go with your instinct and move mirrors around until you achieve the desired effect.

Want more great decorating tips? Check out our site for help, advice, and hacks for decorating your house, both indoors and out. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to try a variety of places for that fabulous mirror you’ve got.

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