9 Roofing Facts That May Surprise You



Common everyday people who do not work as or with professional roofing companies may consider the roof on their home or business as simply an afterthought. Many may not even consider their roof at all, as long as it is fulfilling its purpose keeping them protected, dry, and warm.  However, those who work as professional roofing contractors know much better and comprehend the true value of a stable roof.  Read further to learn more about your own roof!

1. All Roofs Are Not Made for All Climates

Roofing materials and roofs are not all-purpose, unilateral.  The roof necessary for a home in Phoenix with its dry, hot climate will vary vastly from the roof requirements of a house in a damp, cool, rainy climate like Seattle’s.  An experienced local roofing company can better assist you in choosing the appropriate roof and roofing materials for your home or business.

2. Flat Roofs Are Not Completely Flat


Drainage would be a nightmare for absolutely flat roofing.  Multi-family roofing and flat commercial roofing in actuality have the slightest ¼” slant which provides proper drainage for the roof.

3. Your Roof Could Be Energy Efficient

You can protect the environment and lower your monthly utilities bills when you choose from a variety of eco-friendly and energy efficient roofing options available.  Speak to your local roofing companies and find out what options may suit your home or business.

4. A Roof Is Much More Than Shingles

Most people falsely assume that a roof is made up of nothing but wood and shingles.  In actuality, roofing is an intricate system meant to protect both your home and your family on a long-term basis.

5. Your Faulty Roof Could Ruin The Sale of Your Home

When considering the sale of your home, you should first contact a local professional roofing company and request an inspection prior to putting your home on the market.  A faulty roof could completely destroy the sale if discovered in the process.  It is much better to have it inspected in advance and repaired if necessary.

6. But A New Roof Can Even Increase Your Profit

Although a faulty or older roof can have a negative effect on the sale of your property, a brand new roof is a terrific selling point for your home or business. Buyers scouring the market for properties may be inclined to choose yours as they feel assured they will not have to invest their time or money on a new roof anytime soon.

7. Many of the Oldest Roofing Materials Are Still Used Today

Our predecessors were ancient roofing professionals.  Clay tiles date back as far as 10,000 B.C. which makes them one of the oldest materials that today’s roofing companies still utilize.  Thatch roof ad stone roofs are also still utilized in some areas and date back as far as 8,000 years.

8. DIY Roofing is Not Recommended


DIY projects can be wonderful under the proper circumstances. Renovating and reviving an old dresser, painting a bedroom, etc. However, as important a roof is, it is best to leave the roofking to professional roofing contractors in the region.  Your roof is complex and necessary and more often than not, DIY roofing projects cause more damage than good.  They also tend to void your insurance policy.

9. Your New Roof Will Likely Last Longer Than You Think

If a new roof is installed by a professional roofing company, it will most likely last for somewhere between 25-30 years or even longer.  It is possible that leaks may need to be patched or small areas may need minor repairs but the overall roofing structure should withstand decades.  Although the original investment in a new roof could seem overwhelming, it is worth it in the long run.

We provide free estimates to all customers and gladly offer detailed answers to any questions they may have.  We aim to help them comprehend their roofing situation and to feel comfortable making a decision.  Some roofs only require minor repairs, many customers do not realize that depending on the cause of the damages, repairs may even be free.  Our team will guide customers through the process of choosing appropriate materials and designs based on needs and weather conditions.  Contact us at ALLROOFS roofing contractors and we will gladly assist you with all of your roofing needs.

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