8 Ways to Deal With Pests in Your Home


Pests in Your Home

Your home is your haven of rest and relaxation—or at least it should be. It offers warmth, comfort and food. But you aren’t the only one who finds these factors inviting, pests do too. So it’s not surprising if they decide to move in with you too.

Needless to say, pests aren’t the ideal roommates. Apart from being a potential health hazard, they are simply annoying. So how do you deal with them?

We strongly recommend that you call in the professionals to handle this issue if you want a permanent solution. Pest control services have specialised equipment and trained personnel to deal with the problem once and for all.

But don’t entirely leave it to the professionals, there are a few tips you can implement to avoid pest infestation in your home which we’ll discuss below.

Seal Up Openings

Seal Up Openings
Pests seldom come into your home via the front the door. To them small holes, crevices and cracks in your doors & windows are literally “welcome-in signs”. Be sure to inspect your windows and doors for holes and repair them. Add new weather stripping around your doors if you have to. This way you not only keep the cold drafts out, but unwanted pests too.

Target their “Living Space”

Your first instinct when you see a roach running down your passage is to spray it immediately with a pesticide. That’s one roach dead, but what about the rest? Targeting their source of origin is way more effective. Pests build their “home” within your home in dark and unseen spaces such as:

  • Cracks in the walls
  • Behind the refrigerator
  • In cupboards
  • Behind the stove

Spray your pesticides or place any bait in the above-mentioned places and you’re bound to kill even more.

Kill the Roaches You See

Kill the Roaches You See
Yes, targeting the pests’ “place of residence” is a more effective solution, but do also kill the ones you see. There are plenty of insecticides, pesticides and essential oil products at your disposal that you can use to kill pests. But be sure to pick ones that are safe to use around your kids.

Also, make sure you use these products as directed. Ask the store attendants for recommendations and follow the instructions provided on the packaging.

Natural Remedies

If you’re not a fan of chemicals, the internet provides natural remedy suggestions for pest control. Some of the most notable and effective products include:

  • Lemon juice to eliminate ants
  • Dish soap to kill stink bugs
  • Boric acid and sugar to target roaches

Clean Up Your Kitchen

You aren’t the only one who goes through the pantry looking for a midnight snack; your pests do too.

They peruse your kitchen counters in search of foods such as cereal, flour and dried fruits. The list is endless. The last thing you want is to make your unwanted guests feel even more welcome by leaving bits and pieces of food lying around.

Make a deliberate effort to clean your kitchen and also ensure the following:

  • Store your food in tightly sealed containers
  • We’re all for bulk-buying but purchasing smaller packets of food that can be consumed in a shorter period is worth considering
  • Keep your floors and kitchen counters clean and free from food crumbs
  • Store flour in the freezer

Clean Up Regularly

Clean Up Regularly
Still on the subject of cleaning, we’re not advocating for daily spring cleaning, but make sure you clean your home regularly:

  • Empty your trash cans regularly and vacuum weekly to keep your floors clean.
  • Clean your kitchen sink and bathtub drain because certain flies enjoy living in such places.
  • Get rid of unnecessary clutter such as stacks of newspapers, magazines and boxes.
  • These can create a home for cockroaches.

No Damp Areas

After a meal, pests may go in search of water and damp areas will certainly quench their thirst. For this reason, some pests and bugs prefer hanging out in damp places. Make sure you keep your floors and countertops dry. This includes repairing any leaking taps or pipes in your bathroom or kitchen.

Ensure that all your appliances such as your air conditioner, washing machine and dryer are in perfect working order so water doesn’t leak. If certain rooms such as your attic or basements are always damp, you can make use of a dehumidifier to keep the area dry.

Don’t Neglect Your Outdoor Area

Cleaning your outdoor area is equally important. Pests use compost bins and firewood stacks as hiding places. And it’s a matter of time before they move indoors. Keep your yard clean and tidy & make sure the above-mentioned places are far away from your house.


Don’t allow pest to terrorise you in your home. Follow these tips and you’ll live in peace again in no time.

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