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8 Reasons You Should Update The Flooring in Your Business

It might not seem like a priority, but the quality of flooring in your business can contribute to its success. As well as encouraging the safety, creativity, and productivity of your employees, high-quality flooring gives clients and customers a good impression of your business. Here are 8 reasons why it’s time to update the flooring in your business. 

1. Employee Safety

As a floor gets cracked, develops holes, and the surface grip fades away, it becomes dangerous to your employees. The result of an outdated floor is that anyone can slip, fall, and injure themselves. If they can prove that the reason behind their fall was because of the floor at work, they are within their rights to file a personal injury claim. A personal injury claim filed by your employee will cost you in terms of legal fees, compensation, and even reputational damage to your brand. You have to make sure that the work environment is safe to avoid such scenarios. 

Make sure to inspect your floors and boards so as to facilitate for an update. You can check out sample boards to jump-start the flooring project. This is one simple way to protect the safety of your employees. 

2. Health Precautions

Old floors harbour various health hazards. For example, if the floor is trapping dust, as your employees walk on it, the dust gets kicked up. Inhaled dust can cause various issues such as allergies, headaches, sore eyes, and worsening of asthma. In order to eliminate health-related issues for your employees, customers, and clients, take a look at various tile samples and consider the ones that work best for the floor of your business. 

3. Removing Trapped Objects

As well as dust particles, old floors may trap other objects such as bugs, spilled food, and liquids. You may not be able to easily notice these, especially if the floor is covered in carpet. Depending on how old the floor is, cleaning might not completely remove the stains and mould that has collected over time. In the case of a wooden floor that has rotten patches, or has been eaten away by pests, a complete update of the floor is required. 

4. Less Cleaning Labour

The more outdated your floor is, the more cleaning labour needs to go into keeping it looking presentable. This means that you use a lot of cleaning supplies, and tools quickly wear out, which makes maintenance costly. It’s better to divert the finances that you use to maintain the floors into updating it completely. You will notice that you will need to deep clean it less frequently, and save money in the long run.

Luxury office interior
Luxury office interior

5. Advertising Purposes

If your business is one where you use your space to advertise, you need to make sure that your floors are up to standard. If you upload adverts on social media that show sub-standard surroundings, clients and consumers may be less inclined buy into the story you are aiming to tell through advertising. You will be surprised how minute details are picked up by your clientele. 

6. Visiting Client Impression

If your business is one that has customers visiting frequently, you have to make sure that your floors are presentable. The impression that old floors give is that your business doesn’t invest in taking care of its premises. You may even begin to find that clients and consumers would rather not visit your space and opt for a more inviting one. They too will wonder whether they are safe when they walk on your floor. Make sure to update your flooring so that you give off a positive brand impression. Regardless of how exceptional your service or products are, clients may not recognise this because of the distraction beneath their feet. 

7. Style

Every business or brand has a particular style that they incorporate. Whether it’s a chic look, industrial or minimalist, the floor is an accessory in narrating your business style. If your theme is that of sustainability, for example, your business should have repurposed and natural materials displayed prominently. Recycled materials like pallets are a good idea, but flooring of this type would need treatment to make sure that it remains functional. Regardless of your business style, there is a floor type and pattern that compliments it. The variety of floorint styles and types you can find at safety flooring in Sussex.

8. Increased Property Value

If you are the owner of your business property, you might eventually be in a situation where you sell your building or lease it out. If you go down this route, it’s important to make sure your building is as valuable as possible. Top-notch floors are one of the characteristics that are considered when deciding the value of your property. When inspecting and renovating the building, don’t overlook the floor. 

When potential buyers or tenants walk into your business property, the first few glances are all they need to decide whether they will go with your property or not. Don’t make the state of your floor the reason why your property failed to close a deal. 


There are several reasons to update the flooring in your business, including employee safety, customer experience, saving money, brand aesthetic, potential rental or resale value, and avoiding health issues resulting from dust or black mould. Flooring might not seem like an aspect of your business that requires a lot of maintenance, but it’s a lot more important than it seems!

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