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The upheavals of 2020 have caused many of us to reconsider our lifestyle. With remote working becoming a growing trend that’s likely to get even stronger, a change of location to somewhere with a good quality of life and the perfect year-round climate becomes not only possible but an extremely desirable choice. Below are 8 of our favorite locations right now to get you thinking about how many exciting options our wonderful country has to offer. 

Wrightsville, North Carolina

If you want to live near the sea, yet still be within driving distance of Washington DC, Baltimore, and Atlanta, or a short flight from Boston, NYC, and Philadelphia then Wrightsville could be the ideal location for you – you’ll never be short of family or friends ready to drop in for a visit!  Wrightsville is famous for its fishing and fantastic opportunities to get out and enjoy nature. 

Homes in this area are selling for an average of $350,000, but certain areas, such as Holly Ridge, are extremely affordable, with a median sale price of only $180,000.  At such low prices, why not invest in a property with enough exterior space to create your own, state-of-the-art  ‘shedquarters’? 

Miami Lakes, Florida

Less than 16 miles from the excitement and bustle of downtown Miami, this green suburb is proving a magnet for young professionals and growing families. Over 50% of the population are under the age of 40, which accounts for the emphasis on healthy lifestyles and outdoor living. boasting 17000 trees, award-winning parks and playgrounds, and stunning beaches within easy reach, there’ll be plenty to keep the whole family happily occupied. The median cost of Miami Lakes real estate is $451,799 – but this is likely to change as prices have increased by more than 8% in the past year.

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Scottsdale, Arizona

The small city of Scottsdale is known for its vibrant downtown as well as its spectacular walking trails, including the world-famous McDowell Sonoran Preserve to Pinnacle Peak. Scottsdale is a desirable destination for luxury residents as well as visitors. 

The temperature is pleasant all year round, with an average high of 85°F, and a low of 60°F, and low humidity.

If you’re considering investing in a second or vacation home, rather than a permanent base, it’s worth noting that the average cost of a rental for one night is $360. Could be a great way to earn a second income and pay for the cost of your retirement home! 

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is proving a magnet for new residents. With no extreme temperatures and four seasons, each with its distinct character it’s the perfect place to enjoy a sophisticated outdoor lifestyle.  Charleston is famous for its Southern hospitality, dining scene, cobbled streets, and endless spectacular beaches. Not to mention the historic landmarks found everywhere in the city. The job market is healthy, and home prices are reasonable, with the median cost of a single-family home being around $270,000. 

Henderson, Nevada

While it’s true that summer temperatures can reach the upper 90s in Henderson, low humidity and cloud cover mean it’s perfectly liveable all year round.  While this suburb of Las Vegas means you’ll be within easy reach of the bright lights and world-class entertainment that the city has to offer, it also has a great reputation as a base to raise a family. It’s the second safest place to live in the USA, it’s won numerous awards, and despite being in the middle of the Nevada desert, it’s earned the nickname ‘Tree City’. Home prices average around $237,000, but as the city is attracting so many new residents, property values are predicted to rise.

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Ready to move to paradise?  Honolulu‘s tropical weather is perfect all year round, with an average high of 84 degrees and lows rarely falling below 70 degrees. You’ll have to be ready to put up with some downpours in the rainy season (November to March) – but that’s what guarantees the lush greenery and spectacular scenery that the island is famous for. World-class beaches, fantastic surfing, and great food also attract people looking for a dream outdoor lifestyle. 

Tourism and hospitality provide most of the local job opportunities, but if you’re a remote worker – then what better place to set up your online office? Home prices are not cheap – the average property comes in at just over $600k, but the average monthly rent is a very reasonable $1350. Global nomads – take note!

San Diego, CA 

We can’t talk about great places in the sun without mentioning California – but in reality, property values in many locations around the state are prohibitively high. Up to now, San Diego is an exception.

First of all, there’s that wonderful Southern Californian sunshine. It has one of the best climates in the state, with average temperatures ranging from 50 to 70 degrees. If you’ve had enough rain to last you a lifetime, the good news is that San Diego only has around 43 days per year – just enough to keep things green. 

With its lively downtown area, famous Petco Park stadium, world-class cultural attractions, whale watching San Diego and endless spectacular beaches, San Diego offers a great lifestyle. One of the biggest attractions of San Diego for relocators though is the booming jobs market – salaries are above the national average, while unemployment rates are low.  The median cost of a single-family home is just under $490,000 compared to a California average of $758990 (March 2021).

Santa Fe, New Mexico

If you’re someone who hates the cold, but would find year-round blue skies boring then  Santa Fe may be the place to head to. Winter temperatures rarely fall below 35 degrees, yet the summers never reach unpleasant highs.  The weather in this vibrant, culturally diverse city provides plenty of seasonal changes, so you’ll always be able to get out into nature and explore the spectacular environment. 

The Santa Fe job market is buoyant and the median price of a single-family property is less than $260,000. So, if you’re looking for a healthy, high-altitude lifestyle, Santa Fe could be a great choice for you and your family.

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