8 Awesome Home Renovation Ideas


Home Renovation Ideas

Generally, when people consider home renovations they picture the television shows with complete overhauls, walls knocked out and dramatic before and afters. While these are all wonderful options there are often smaller projects you can tackle that will still make a big impact on how your home looks and feels.

Anyone can remodel a kitchen but if you aren’t hoping to choose new cabinetry you might need some ideas on what house project to do instead. Remodeling projects can be a lot of fun when you have a great plan and big dreams for your awesome results.

If you are looking for some inspiration for a project that isn’t the same kitchen or living room everyone is doing then keep reading for these 8 ideas of projects both big and small that will have your home feeling more complete in no time.

1. Bathroom

Did you know that bathroom renovations are one of the most popular upgrades to homes? People are going beyond the basics with their bathrooms and turning them into a spa-like oasis right at home. Forget a double vanity (though if you want one, go for it) it is now trendy to include repurposed vanities, such as dressers, desks and even beyond for a totally unique look.

Updating your bathroom can add value to your home as well as serve your families immediate needs for more space, storage or simply a great shower. Add a recessed medicine cabinet for a sleeker look without sacrificing a place to hide your toiletries.
If you are undergoing a bathroom remodel it’s a great idea to consider upgrading your plumbing. It may sound funny to spend time and resources on something you can’t see but new pipes can help avoid clogs and plumbing issues down the road.

2. New Floors

When you’re looking for a project that will make a big bang without having to tear down any walls then it’s time to consider whether or not you need new flooring in your home. If your carpets have seen better days then replacing them is a great way to refresh the look of your home in an easy way. With many different styles and options available you’re sure to find one you love.

Or perhaps you’d love to upgrade your kitchen to having hardwood floors? Adding value to your home by way of hardwood floors can be a great option, especially if you may be looking to sell your home in the future. (Hardwood floors are on many buyers “must-have lists.”) If hardwood isn’t the right flooring option there are many other choices including tile, laminate, and vinyl.

Hiring a floor remodeling service might be a great idea, especially if you may be looking to sell your home in the future.

3. Under the Stairs Storage

No one is saying you should use the cupboard under the stairs as a bedroom for your nephew with the lightning bolt scar, but don’t let the space under the stairs go to waste. If you don’t even have a cupboard there currently, meet with a contractor to see if it is possible to use the space for something more interesting than a wall.

If it is, there are many options on what to do. Some people choose to create built-in bookshelves right into the stairs. Others make large storage drawers or create small nooks for hanging up jackets and backpacks. Or, make it into a closet if that sounds more fun–either way, using the space well will benefit your family by giving them more room to move and store items.

4. Built-Ins

When under the stairs isn’t the perfect place for some built-in shelving then think about where else might be a great place to add some to show off your book collection. Whether you create a cozy window seat surrounded by books or opt to showcase your fireplace with shelves for your antique plate collection if your house didn’t come with the built-ins you wanted, add some!

Built-Ins need to be placed with care to ensure they can withstand the weight of whatever you intend to store so this is one renovation you will want to seek some professional help with. But you can transform your home office or media room and finally hide all those unsightly wires and store every console that needs a home with some built-in shelving.

5. Finish Your Basement

If you’ve ever wished you had a bigger home and you haven’t finished your basement yet then what are you waiting for? Transforming your basement into usable space you’ve always wanted can be the perfect way to get the craft room, man cave or play area your home needs to feel complete.

Depending on the size of your basement you may even be able to add an extra bedroom, just check with your contractor and city to determine what type of egress windows are required. Finishing your basement will also help you have a comfortable place to wait out severe weather. When your basement is remodeled you won’t be able to remember why you waited at all.

6. Add a Deck

In the same spirit of adding more usable space to your home, have you thought about adding a deck so you can enjoy the great outdoors? Decks are a great addition to any home, whether you are hoping for a platform deck that isn’t too high up or a grand multi-leveled expansion deck, having a place to entertain, grill and get some fresh air is a great idea.

A deck not only adds on to the usable space your family can enjoy but it can also add value to your home as well. A deck can offer you the chance for the outdoor living room you’ve always wanted or perhaps you’d prefer the space for your tomato plants, whatever you decide for your deck it is a great home renovation to consider.

7. Laundry Room

Help your laundry room function better by renovating the space and cleaning it up. Just because laundry is a chore doesn’t mean your laundry room has to be gloomy. Some homeowners prefer their laundry room to be on the same level as the bedrooms for ease and comfort. Even if that isn’t feasible, you can have a great laundry room renovation.

Do you need space to hang dry your clothes? Would a folding table or counter help you out? Do you just need some nice shelves for all your detergents and stain sticks? Revamping your laundry room can solve all your problems and while it may not inspire you to love cleaning clothes, it just may make the task more enjoyable.

8. Closet

Why settle for a closet that simply stores your clothes in a basic fashion when you can renovate your space into a closet that demonstrates both form and function? Whether you need compartments for your shoes or an elegant way to showcase your best gowns or suits, a customer closet is a small way to make any home feel opulent.

Many closet renovations feature recessed lighting so you never have to search for the perfect tie in the dark again. If you’ve always wanted a cedar closet, an overhaul is a perfect time to add one to repel moths and pests that can destroy clothing items. No matter what your dream closet looks like, transforming a boring space into one of beauty will make you smile every day.


Renovating your home might seem like a pain to get started but ultimately will make your home even nicer than it already is and you will enjoy living in your home that much more. Whether you have your sights set on a new bathroom, a deck or a finished basement, your remodeled home will suit your needs for a long time going forward.

Choosing just one of these projects may seem difficult, so make a list of what you’d most like to see done in your home and go from there, you may even be able to get a deal from a contractor to complete two projects at once. Turn your home into the house of your dreams without the hassle of moving and take on an awesome renovation!

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