7 Ways to Prepare a Home to Be Sold

Selling your house or property is not a small matter. There is a lot of money involved, and you want to get the best price. But this cannot happen if the house isn’t properly prepared. The fact is you need to look at your house from a potential buyer’s point of view. And you need to be honest with yourself. Forget about the sentimental memories you made and pay attention to what buyers are looking for.

We sat down with the team at Fortress Realty to get a few great insider tips on how to prepare a home for sale.

1. Curb Appeal

You’ll be surprised how much first impressions influence the end-result of a situation. In this case, when the exterior of the house is not clean and maintained, it can lead to negative outcomes. For example, the potential buyer will use it to negotiate a lower price. And it will automatically make them doubt the decision to buy before they even get through the front door.
Curb Appeal

Side-step this trap by taking care of the exterior. But this does not mean spending thousands on professional landscapers. Instead, get the yard clean and tidy. And while it doesn’t hurt to add some outdoor decor, be careful not to overdo it. Your taste might not be what potential buyers have in mind. So, keep it balanced and clean, then it should ensure a good first impression.

2. Do The Small Repairs

There is no question that potential buyers like the idea of just moving in. If they don’t have to spend money on things like replacing fixtures or locks, it makes the house so much more inviting. These minor repairs can go a long way without doing damage to your pocket. But at the same time, it helps to make the property more alluring.

3. A New Coat Of Paint

A new coat of paint can really bring life and dimension to a room. The best part is that paint comes cheap when you think about how it helps to close the sale. Never underestimate the power of color, whether inside or outside.

4. Minor Remodelling

The idea of paying for renovations can be problematic, seeing as they can’t always guarantee you will recoup the money. Hence the reason for pursuing minor renovations, such as changing the taps or replacing the toilet. It might not add too much value, but it will help to sell the house faster.
Minor Remodelling

5. Stage An Open House

Staging an effective open house is all about de-cluttering and de-personalizing space. You want potential buyers to imagine themselves living there, which means using every room strategically. For instance, taking the minimalist approach with just a few furniture pieces.

6. Focus On The Selling Points

Every house has a few things that make it special. It could be a breakfast nook or a swimming pool, it doesn’t really matter. Use these selling points to your advantage.

7. Consult With A Real Estate Agent

Consult With A Real Estate Agent
Ultimately, you can approach people with more experience in the business. Speaking to a real estate agent can be very helpful in taking the next step towards getting the house prepared and sold.

The sky is the limit if you are a creative person, but the above-mentioned tips usually work well. So, give them a try if you are about to sell your house.

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